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The Reverend Something or Other

Just curious, this is the second time I've encountered your statement that "Della" is middle-class. Are you looking up or down, irately? Or just not real happy with that person? Or, perhaps (weak-grin) this is a playful tidbit of thrust-and-parry?

On a complete aside, I have enjoyed a number of your comments, witticisms (sp), etc. "We'll" see you out there in H2G2 land ...

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Oh, I'm not looking down or up or sideways or anything. I just dislike the mass majority who somehow take what is a ssmiley - bleepy lifestyle and turn it into some kind of fashionable badge to wear. I smiley - love Della, but I don't let anyone get away with that kind of pretentious nonsense.

And smiley - ta Thankyou For the Compliment! smiley - magic

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