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I wish everyone had a thing for orientals, that would make it nice and easy for me!!!

As for being white, I think of myself as just 'normal', they call it a 'banana'. Yellow on the outside, white on the inside. Its meant to be offensive, but its true really so it isnt. I cant stand my yellow colouring though, its so sickly. I like it like it is now, a nice tanned bronze. Winters coming though, and yellow will be coming back.

And I dont mind the word half-caste,its just what it is and I am.

Whats with the abuse in Manchester? Something go wrong? If you dont want to talk about it Im not pushing...

As for myself things have been going alright. I have rediscovered the joy of getting bladdered out of my face and going on the pull. The bierkeller chukced me out the other night though, I palm striked straight through on of their lights. Im surprised I didnt kill myself seen as I went through the light bulb too. I sorted with them, they know me, but I had to pay thirty bloody quid to them for it though.

So how it feel to be back?
I love Bristol, lots of people and variety, but not too big that it is impersonal. I can go out every week and guarantee meeting up with people...

Well, Im off to Alton Towers tomorrow, paid for by work and given a day off, reward for the labs for good performance.
Hehe, get nice and stoned and go on the rides...

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Oh yeah, I've decided on my next tattoo, which I am going to get as soon as I get paid again, (25th). Its the dragon on the flag of the Sick Of It All album-Call To Arms. If you dont have this go to:

and theres a pic. Its going on my left bicep. I already have a crow on a stone cross on my back, but I need another because I forget the one on my back is there. I need one I can see.

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I'd rather not go into details about Manchester too much (still trying to get through it without causing an added long term effects!) but the person I visited had a very short temper, ignored me, berated me & eventually abandoned me at midnight on a Saturday night in the city centre. Now you know how bad Bristol gets...try multiplying that, add the effect of alcohol and gig aftermath, being verbally abused, plus the fear of rape & worse in a foreign city...and thats what happened. He kicked me out the next day. Fun.

Wait. I'll have to reply to the rest of this in a sec...

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sorry about the disjoint in the thoughts...the episode of trashy-teen prog. *Maybe It's Me* with Eric Griffin from The Murderdolls was on. He's gorgeous.

Staying on that topic, I have a MAJOR thing for Oriental guys/girls...can't help the slack jawed drooling expression when one of you lot walks by. GORGEOUS! Hehe. I'm such a perve, but it's true! The term "Banana" sounds dodgy, even if it is true. For a start, thats like claiming white is a state of mind. Which is just stupid. Oh great. Now Im sounding PC, and I hate that...*runs away from topic* Just one thing, the only reason I don't like half caste is not only because it reminds me of the Indian caste system, but because it sounds like horrible crusty skin. Is that weird? I don't know!! smiley - smiley

I'm definitely glad to be back in Bristol. At least there is no fear of rape for me here. Well, not as much as it could be anyway. And familiarity is always good. I'm debating whether or not to go and buy a ticket to see Sheep on Drugs/Narcisuss Pool for a week Sunday. I've heard so much about NP...and also, I'll probably pull there as well. But I'm not wholly sure if I can be bothered. Still recovering from Alec Empire's foot & lovely body...*slobber*

I haven't been to the Bierkellar for aaaaaaaaaages...let alone got up to any shennanigans. Last time I was there I was thrown out of the guys toilets...

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Heyyyyy. I have a stone crucifix tattoo on my back too. Strange. It's got thorns around it though. Would be eerie if it was the same design...!!? I've only had mine since my birthday in July, and I've already forgotten its there. My hair is long and it covers it up as well, so that doesn't help. I just make a point of having a peek when I get out of the bath.

I know the Sick of it All dragon. In fact, I know someone who HAS that design already (not to burst your bubble or anything)...but it is a nice design. I intend on getting quite a few more (life is shorter than people think) done...I want to get a religious themed back piece built up and a few arm and leg pieces too. I enjoy the process - feels good in some bizarre purge way. The only thing I have to contend with is that I don't want to look like a bulldyke, so I have to be careful with the ones on my arms. But I have no money right now. Well £14.36 to be precise. So I'll have to wait a while for something to come up to give me an opportunity to earn some cash before I get my next.

So where do you get yours done? I live right near TattooTime in Bedminster - they are excellent & definitely live up to their reputation.

Oh & if you fancy dropping me an email sometime, feel free...!

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Wow, mega posting, not that I am complaining.
I keep losing my train of thought, the Matrix is on telly, and my chinese blood wont let me not watch Kung-Fu and slow motion gun-fights. I dont know why, I think Im obsessed. I have just got a PS2 which plays DVDs so Im going to start building a collection of Honk Kong Action and Kung-Fu films.

You know thats not fair that someone else has the SOIA dragon. I thought I was slightly original for a bit. Oh well, I still think I will get it. My other options were a kinda barbed wire triangle, and 'Live for today' in chinese. I thought I could get away with the chinese, see as I am 1/2 of one!!! My cross(Not a crucifix, they have christ on) was designed by a friend, taken from a scene in 'The Crow', funnily enough. I've had it since May 2001 so thats wuite a while, one of my reasonably close friends only recently realised I had it, because I've only recently started wearing wife-beater vests and you cant see nothing under a t-shirt.
I dont want too many tats. Enough will do me. I dont know how much enough is, but enough will do. I just want to be able to cover them up if its needed, like interviews and s**t.
I got mine done at Inked Up on park row when it was still open, they've rejoined into one premises now with Pierced Up.
I get excited when I know Im getting a new tat...

I've got mates who live down Bemmy, Zion road or something... Off of North street. And I used to work at Clarks Pies. HAhahaha. What a s**te'ole.
Anyway, Im going to have a bath and go to bead, My little brother is nagging and nagging and has managed to convince my mum to nag to for him to go on the computer. I've gotta move out soon...

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Haha. I think the whole Kung-Fu/Gun fight thing is a predominantly male thing...although I quite enjoy them too. My favorite scene in the Matrix is the one where he wakes up in the psuedo bath tub thing. Magnificient. Then again, I only saw it for the first time a few months ago...I actively resist hyped things until the latest possible time. But the Matrix is a good film. Didn't watch it last night (Unthinkable on sci-fi & League of Gentlemen new episode clashed with it).

I live just off North street. Everything round here is a mess. Sort of decayed surburbia. Bleh. I'm getting far far away from this place once I've got myself a bit of cash. Well Ok. Not THAT far. Maybe just across the city...where the aroma of burnt cars isn't so strong. White trash am I!

Fair point about the difference between crucifix and cross. But "crucifix" is a far better word than cross...I want enough tattoo's to satisfy my self-abuse desire. Because it is self abuse...just less destructive & more creative. I'm not going to get too many on places that will sag (I have fairly large breasts, and it won't be a pretty sight in the future : although I will probably get implants)...I'm not too concerned about the cover-up issue. I don't have much of a future in anything that would require a neat and tidy exterior...

Not that I'm gonna get any on my face or anything. Maybe some behind the ears that go down onto my shoulders, but nothing too extreme. Im vaguely jealous that you're getting a new one. I spent ages last night lusting after a new one *sob sniff* It is far too much fun...

So what side of you is Chinese? Bet it's your Mum...! Chinese girls are so cute. If I don't end up in a nice 2.4 whiter than white family situation, I'm probably gonna end up adopting an Oriental kid. I blame the film "Seven Years in Tibet" for this fascination...if you've ever seen it. Little Tibetan Buddhist monks...*aaaaaah*...I want one I want one I want one. Not to mention my love for all things Japanese...but that's a different world I guess.

Anyway, I fail to think of anything else that could be of interest, having only just got up, and I have of yet found a method to whittle away today...


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i agree about the Kung-fu and gun fight thing being male, but I've got it bad, worse than any of my friends...

I dont want a future in a neat and tidy exterior. But the one constant is change, and I dont want to spend my adult life thinking, I wish I hadnt had that tattoo done when I was a kid...

'I have fairly large breasts,***: although I will probably get implants'

Why do you want implants if you have large breasts already???
That doesnt really make sense to me, remember they need changing every ten years and cost lots of money.

Its two weeks till payday anyway, so two weeks to tattoo.
Southville/north Street kind of area is Arty/fashionable/middle class area. One of the areas they move to from Redland or something to show how in touch with the community they are... Im not saying you are mind!

As for which half, its my dad. w**ker that he is. I dont communicate at all with him. Dont really want to go into it but its not standard teenage parent hate. Which is the scary fact, not long left of teenagerhood. I'll be a proper full grown adult soon. At least physically...

So what do you do, work, college? Hand around at home and bum off of your parents? I couldnt stand being skint so I had to get a job. It's a b****r but thats how the world works. I've got to get some ambitions soon, so I can direct myself towards something I want to do.

But assasin doesnt come up on the careers computer!!!

As for moving, I may be moving to St. George/fishponds in the next 6 months or so. I have 2 mates who are doin up a floor of an old office block into a flat. Its gonna be bad, 3 rooms. A huge open plan living area where all the cubicles used to be, and a band practise room and a raised area at one end for playing parties. We WILL have the baddest parties. If it all comes through you can have an invite...

hmm, if you've ever got some money and fancy a pissed up night out...
Im usually in the Prince of Thieves or White Hart on a Friday night until someone drags me somewhere else, or all my local mates go home so I decide on a lone mission to the bierkeller. Its still a cattle market.
*Rubs hands in anticipation*
As for pulling at gigs, I cant say I ever have. Chatted up to people and then pulled them at a club later maybe, but im usually too interested in the band.

Anyway, back to work...

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Implants are beneficial for two reasons :
1 - They don't require a bra, which saves on expense
2-They don't sag. Much nicer to look at. It's just another of body modification I want to look at when I'm older (I want a nose job too). Then again, I might decide to grow old gracefully.

I kinda see your point about looking back and thinking *why did I choose that!* Thats why I'm almost glad I have only £14.36 in my pocket. Stops any silly mistakes. I'm going to keep my Jessica Rabbit picture blue-tacked to my door for a few years, and if I still like it, then I'm going to get it done. Meanwhile, I'll probably aim towards my back piece. And maybe get a few piercings. Such a wide variety of things to do...! Isn't life fun.

Right now, my life is in a pit. Im stuck in that void of having being an overacheiver in school and then burning out just before the A2 exams, quitting and taking a s**tty job somewhere. Awful b*tchy management ousted me out, and so I'm stuck in this rut that I like to call recouperation...which is in fact, me doing nothing, bumming off my mum (but not asking for money - just roof over my head & regular meals), and alcking any form of self-esteem/motivation/knowledge of what I want to do with myself. Well, I know what I want from life...I'm just too afraid of having to confront it. So I figure a little time off from the world & people can't do any harm...I'll sort myself out sometime soon.

Anyone who thinks that North street/Southville/Ashton is trendy, needs a severe kick up the ass. Yeh, I've lived in worse places, but this isn't high society by any means. That kind of attitude normally comes from spoilt middle class kids who know no better. I HATE people like that...because they usually deride me as being middle class just because I'm well read...! Oh dear. This kind of thing usually leads me down the political ranting path, and no one needs that smiley - smiley . Moving swiftly on...

I know dyfunctional relationships that outreach the teen angst thing all too well. Both my parents are c***s. Luckily they divorced a while back, a story that is very dramamtic actually, and will make for a fine chapter in my autobiography one day. But there are times and places to talk about how parents let us down, this ain't one of them...but let me reassure you, I have no relationship with either of mine. It's a little better with my mum, but my dad is non existant to me...something very strange as he lives only about 4 miles from me.

Wooh! Life!

I think I've pulled at gigs a few times. The Mandrake was my feeding ground though (when I had the cash that is)...every time I went there, I pulled. Which was quite pleasant. Like I said, haven't been to the 'Kellar for a while...everythings changed since I last went, and therefore I end up muchly confused. I'm a bit of a fiend when I'm out for the night. Never want to go home...!!! There's nothing better than staying out drinking/dancing/falling over/looking pretty, then going home with some lucious male and waking up four hours later a little more dirty in a strange bed. I get myself into such strange situations...but if I ever have cash or the incentive, I shall wholly embrace your invitations. You sound like fun.

I however, am weird and skint and anti-social.

Think I might have to flog another batch of CD's to get some cash...oh well. One can live without Slipknot & Garbage.


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Saves on expense of a bra?

At the cost of thousands of pounds of surgery?

Anyway, things like piercings and tats I get. But I am of the firm belief that we have our bodies, and that is what we are given. Surgery is for those who have been hideously scarred etc. But each to their own...

That crow on a cross on my back I had wanted for several years before I got it, I used to be obsessed with 'The Crow'. It's still my favourite film. The emotion is so f*****g dark.

Im not surprised you burned out with A2, so many people did. I am so glad I was just old enough to do A-levels in the last year. Dont worry, things sort themselves. I am in the situation where I've got the ideal job for someone wanting a career in the chemicals industry. I dont. It is so f*****g boring. And I hate the Uni on Mondays. So brain-numbingly boring. But I cant think of anything I want to do, but I do believe that an enjoyable job is tons better than an unenjoyable job that pays lots better. You spend half your life in work, might as well enjoy it.

I cant stand being skint, for one thing I have my cannabis addiction which costs me lots but keeps me sane...

Im one of those people whose got to be doing something, I dont like hanging around at home. Most if not all nights ill go to a friends house or out or something. I go stir-crazy if i sit still for five minutes.

Well, I would have to support the statement that you can live without slipknot and garbage, though I would extend it to 'you can live BETTER without slipknot and garbage'. But thats just my opinion.

'You sound like fun.'
Aaawwww, thats the nicest thing anyones said about me in a while. I hope not to disappoint.

Oh yeah, just wanted to ask, when I first contacted you, why did you no believe I was from Bristol, Why would anyone want to lie.

Right, well, its time to go home from work. Buy some bud. S**t,Shower, and Shave. Start drinking. Have a bad night out...

I'll mail you my mobile number, then if you ever feel like coming out at short notice you can bell me...

See ya

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Oh....don't get me wrong. I'm not doing nothing. I'm reading a heck of a lot more than I used to - catching up on a few books & discovering a few new ones. And other things : writing too much poetry and not enough prose...the latter being what I need to catch the literary agent I want (JK Rowling's...I hate her books, but she has an ace agent) and therefore what I'm unconsciously avoiding. Thats the thing I don't have the courage to face. I'm unspeakably talented in that area (ooh, look at my ego) but lack in other essentials...ah, how typical and ironic life is. But I'm not too worried. I'm not too far from getting up and doing something. You get knocked down, you have to get back up again. But although there are days of unspeakable nothing-ness, it's not like I'm catatonic in front of the TV. THAT would drive me insane...

But writing is my ambition. I actually received flak from my tutors at college (I went to Filton) because the only reason I was taking the courses was because I was interested in learning about the topics involved.

I don't know why I thought you weren't from Bristol! Probably the screen name!!! *Bob the Farmer* does kind of sound like a p*ss take smiley - smiley

The college burn out thing does lead me nicely onto the subject of films. The Crow is one of my favorites too (it's also kicked off a relatively new passion for graphic novels too)...alongside Stigmata (another aesthetically gorgeous film) and the range of Kevin Smith films. But I've seen SO many films since I took the Film Studies A level that I can't really pick favorites anymore. The last good film I saw was Ghost Dog : The Way of the Samurai...suprised me, that did...

Body Modification is essentially just a search for physical perfection. In my mind it's a creative force. Like reading & watching films & art and the suchlike is the spiritual search for perfection...plastic surgery is a great way to change what you dislike about yourself. I'm not saying I NEED it. It would just be nice, thats all!!

Cheers for your number. I shall text you as soon as I'm off this thing so you have mine. Although if I don't, it does mean I have the potential to stalk you...

smiley - smiley

Oh. I am sure there was something else of worth I had to say. I'm being distracted by one of those films that scared the hell out of me as a kid ("Everyone's Baby : The Story of Jessica* -y'know, the 18 month old who fell down a well) I shall shut up now.



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I dont get to read half as much as Id like, but I dont really go for the classics. Iain Banks is an amazing author, in both mainstream and Sci Fi, I wish I could write. Every so often I start to write my 'book', I write a page and then spend two hours chopping and changing and then realise I cant write...

Its not immodest to talk about your talents, everyone had a talent in some way, I have a brain which finds science incredibly easy, but Id rather have a creative talent. Strengths in one area are always weaknesses in another, well nearly always.

Anyway, time to go and do s**t.
Talk to ya later,

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As for potential to stalk, I actually had a stalker a while ago. Not a scary one, just a sad little girl who would go to her friends house in the road behind me and come round to my road and stare at my house.

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Starting another thread on your personal space. I need a PC...back door methods are cool and everything, but there are limits...!!!

smiley - smiley

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