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I see you wrote about spanish pronoun. and i `d like to know if you really know spanish.To be frank, i try to learn by myself,and have had many efforts to find someone to help me in some grammar rules but I couldnt...smiley - wah...Just i saw it and think that you might know and help me a bit ,bit,bit littlesmiley - ok.

Your sinserelysmiley - cheers


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Researcher 188007

Hello Malish smiley - biggrin

I have a degree in linguistics, and the entry I did on Spanish pronunciation came more from my professional training than any particular ability in Spanish. In other words, I don't know much Spanish, but I know quite a lot of things about it, such as its pronunciation, some of its history, that kind of thing.

But as for the grammar, no, I'm not much use at that smiley - erm

So, why are you learning Spanish then?


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Hello Jacksmiley - smiley!

How are you?
I am happy for getting an e-mail from you.First of all,thanks for your time and attention.smiley - ok

I live in Azerbaijan and my native language is azeribaijanian.I know it excellently,i mean grammar,reading and writing and pronunciation,I really helps me to learn any other language.I know russion and turkish as well.I learn all of them by myself.Of course,sometimes people assisted me.smiley - smileyI try to learn spanish now and i have got some materials printed from internet sites.I have a little proble with pronunciation and some grammer rules and so on....smiley - erm I love languages mainly russion ,english ,spanish and italian and i hope i can achieve my aim to learn spanish and italian one day.Spanish sounds great and like music and guitarsmiley - magic.I want to learn spanish then play the guitar a little smiley - biggrin then I shall sing for myselfsmiley - winkeye.
To be frank,sometimes i use a chat room in order to find a spanish person who will be willing to help me A LITTLE.smiley - erm I found but no-one agreed or they didnt get it interesting.When i saw your writing here,i thought maybe you couldsmiley - cool.

If you advise anything ,i shall accept them with my pleasure.

Thank you very much indeed for your answer.smiley - hug
Good-byesmiley - run

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