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Emily 'Twa Bui' Ultramarine

Hi - I'm the sub-editor for your entry on Coburg. I've pretty much finished, so all that remains is for you to check it; if there's anything seriously wrong, do get back to me and I'll sort it out before it goes into the edited guide!

Here's the link: A839054


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Coburg Entry

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Liked the fact that the Schlossplatz now a theatre smiley - smiley

The footnote about the market is now wrong smiley - sadface - twice a week all year round, every day in the month leading up to christmas (when it all smells of gluhwein (mulled wine)- and sells christmas things), and often public holidays as well (which there are plenty).
(Im not fussy about the wording)

Gate towers remain from the original town wall, but it is now fairly difficult to work out where it was positioned.
Gate towers remain from the original town wall, but it is now fairly difficult to work out its path.

a couple of links that I had in the first place fell foul of the moderators, probably because they were in german. I have since found an english version i would like to include, with pictures and events.

Maybe we could add a final sentence on the lines of 'The town has information for tourists available on the web at:

smiley - cheers

Coburg Entry

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Emily 'Twa Bui' Ultramarine

Cool - I'll get on to that. Sorry about those gate/market changes - it was just that the syntax made it very hard to understand... smiley - erm

Em smiley - orangefish

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Coburg Entry

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