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Bye then...

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smiley - ok

H. hltb

Bye then...

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John Luke

If you gotta go, then farewell. But it's a pity.

I put you on my list of 'Friends', rather presumptiously, because I found your writings thought provoking and didn't want to miss out on anything.

Although it is frustrating, enraging even, I urge you not to let the b.........s (it's not rude - count the letters) get you down; just keep posting.

We need people of your strength of character to rattle our cages and particularly to rattle the cages of TPTB, in the BBC and elsewhere. Having said that it must also be said - and you need to accept - that cage rattlers are not popular with troglodytes and their discretion may sometimes be applied in a partial way.

Please reconsider - H2G2 would be the less without you.

smiley - peacedove

John Luke

Bye then...

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John Luke

On re-reading my message it seems that I got cage-dwellers and cave-dwellers mixed up. But the message still stands.

John Luke

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