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I signed the book

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Kandyman - Keeper of Old Buses

Hi Spiff,

Re "Toast" Word Play (30/01/03)
I wasn't so much disappointed with the word TOASTY - more that I was first in and couldn't find a 9-letter word.

Like your "My Space". Very eyecatching.

As smiley - bus "Keeper of Old Buses" smiley - bus I'd love a copy of the double decker graphic you've got there (don't mind keeping a new one as well - I drive them all day for a living anyway).

How do I do it? I can just about manage GML if I think about a lot.

See you,

Kandyman (Keeper of Old Buses)

I signed the book

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You can call me TC

How come you've changed your nickname but not posted?

Look forward to welcoming you back some time. I hope it wasn't me scared you away! thanks for a lovely day in Strasbourg!


I signed the book

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Hi TC, smiley - ok

sorry i haven't said 'allo' recently... as my moniker has reflected, i kinda fell orf! smiley - yikes

i'm only really here 'de passage' today, but i saw that you had been wondering about my absence, so thought i'd say hi.


smiley - biggrin

As to being scared off... far from it, dear lady. But i've been busy working in the capital, living the 'metro, boulot, dodo' life, although 'bistro' has quite often been a further element.

would say more, but doing lots at the same time right now

cya soon smiley - ok

I signed the book

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Hiya Spliff.
Howz u?? My name is Angie i'm from Edinburgh & anything you wanna know about me just ask...xxsmiley - blackcat

I signed the book

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smiley - dragon

I signed the book

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Hi Faithlicious, smiley - smiley

and sorry, Kandyman, for the total lack of response regarding U-pages... try me again some time, smiley - ok!

and hi to Charityplayer, smiley - cheers... did you realise that post was hidden to start with? smiley - erm

I guess, having had a glance at your space, that you may be on pre-moderation. smiley - sadface

anyway, thanks for dropping by... anything in particular i could do you for?


Just Checking out the UnderGuide

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