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Hi and a big haloooo from all of us here at h2g2 smiley - smiley

I'm an ACE which stands for Assistant Community Editor. We're a bunch of volunteers who welcome aboard newcomers to h2g2 and give help and advice if asked also.

I'm sure you've had a good look around already but I've prepared a page of links to some helpful and fun places to go at h2g2 here
You may or may not find it useful but feel free to use and abuse it smiley - smiley

Sounds like you've found the right place from your homepage. h2g2 is Definitely the place for procrastinating writers (there's even a Procrastinator's Society around here somewhere) so I'm sure you've found your niche smiley - winkeye
Heck I've been here nearly two years and I've only written two articles for the guide so far smiley - biggrin

Anyway, got to go so have a smiley - ale on me smiley - biggrin


smiley - tennisball

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Welcome Out There...

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