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Hi to everyone i know from LD... reply here

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hi hunney ,ive just gotta say that i think your homepage is ace !lol you will be in big trouble nickin everyone from ld lmfao speak soon hun xxlu xx

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i am chellby and i have not got a clue how this works!! can anyone help???

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NO, sorry. smiley - biggrin Kidding smiley - smiley

Of course!


Okay, this site is a "comprehensive guide to life the universe and everything" based on the Tv and radio series, "The HitchHiker's Gudie to the Galaxy"... You can write and submit your own entries on how to...... do anything you feel someone will benefit from knowing how to do it.. You can take part in chats by using the message board style forums smiley - smiley LIke this one smiley - smiley

I can't really delve deep into the ralms of how it all works right now, But Seeing as I've given you a slight insight on how it Does work, Can I refer you to the Aces and Gurus smiley - smiley

click on either link - which ever you like smiley - smiley
They're a friendly bunch of people (i'm both an ace and guru) and there are a lot of us willing to help smiley - smiley

See ya round, hope you get to know the system and start having fun with it soon Chellby smiley - smiley

smiley - coolakasmiley - cool

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