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Where do I go?

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Graham Theexwhinger

Please point me to somwhere I can learn a little of your great wizardry, Oh Great One.

Graham Theexmlfordummies?

Where do I go?

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Zaphod II

Hi Graham Theexmforddummies.
Beg, borrow & steal if you must. You can copy & paste anything onto your homepage from another researchers' homepage simply by substituting the "U" on the address bar (you will obviously need to view the address bar firstly once you've found something of interest on another researcher's page to copy) with "testuserpage" and clicking "Go" - and bob's yer uncle. It is a community of free spirits after all but would advise asking out of politeness if it's something special. To demonstrate I will try to copy a little something for you.
Hope this is clear.

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