My Two Cents (It stands for "Truck Driver in Darlington" by the way)

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LADIES AND GENTLEMEN! It's at an end!! The Great H2G2 Luck Experiment is gone but not forgotten so why not have a look at the first of (hopefully) many GREAT H2G2 EXPERIMENTS. See above for the next one!

"Anything that happens, happens.

Anything that, in happening, causes something

else to happen, causes something else to happen..

Anything that, in happening causes itself to happen again, happens again..

It doesn't necessarily happen in chronological order, though.".

-Douglas Adams

Anyone who "gets" maths and needs cash should look at this page.


Welcome to the slightly wet page of he who it always rains on. That's right it is I, the truck driver in Darlington and yes, I do actually live in Darlington.

Now you've made the most excellent decision to browse this most excellent guide I feel I must throw in my two cents. I'll just go and put the kettle on and then we'll get down to the business of explaining this great place. Would you like tea or coffee?

Pages U Really Must C!

I am an honorary member of The Royal H2G2 Procrastinators Society. For those of you who have never experienced procrastination in it's full glory I suggest you look over at the page as it is, in my opinion, the best collective in this guide. If you get the chance pop into the Palace Flophouse and Grill and maybe we can catch up over a beer. Just make sure you bring your own personal selection of furniture for everone to enjoy. We've got quite a collection there now.

My favourite pass-time

Viva la ZAPHODISTAS. Go on, moderate me...I dare ya. Is that 2 foreign words or 3? I don't care because the real question you feel lucky.......punk? Well do ya?

One of the most useful places on this guide is guide to clubs and societies. Which is the painstakingly (read "made by contribution") made list of all of the best clubs and a description of each. You should have got a link to it when you were a newbie but in case you didn't, here's another.

The other place to see and be seen is The H2G2 post. Have a read. It's genuinely good stuff. It's the H2G2 newspaper by the way!!!

Do you have a good idea for a law which should be made? Then join the Frog-people. We are trying to make a new constitution for the daily lives of all guiders. My personal contribution is technical - "All dimensions above 3 cease to exist until the said dimensions can be drawn onto paper!". Since this means time no longer exists, we all live forever!!! yay!!

I also enjoy throwing in the odd contribution to the haiku challenge. From a humble beginning of one the guide now has over a thousand haikus, and I think I've written four of them. Once again this is well worth a look.

I have recently become a Keeper and acquired the title "Keeper of missing minus signs in mathematical equations. "

Old cartoons (circa 1980-94) are better than their modern counterparts. Sorry, but I had to fit that in somewhere!!

I've also recently become a Minister on the h2g2 cabinet at Alabaster House. I'm the minister for BASEketball. If you have no idea what BASEketball is you should click here to see my excellent page on a game which should become this countries national pass-time. The page also has the rules of the game. It was devised by an American (David Zucker) though.

The Muse Collective is another great society you may find interesting. I did! I'm now the muse of tricks.

Tips for dealing with dealing with difficult people .......need I say more!

Since I'm an avid gambler I've created a poker index in the guide for beginners and the experienced alike. If you get the chance I would appreciate any feedback on the pages.

Fancy a gamble? Click on this link to go to a random h2g2 guide entry page!smiley - cheers


smiley - rocketsmiley - ufo

Where's my Kebabylon Gone A bit controversial

Shazz Trust me...She's a genius

Zarniroop Poker friend

Goshoogoshoogosh Founder of the procrastination society

Minesweep Goddess Muse, keeper of bad puns. Say no more.

Feisor ACE and fellow procrastinator

Phreako The procrastinators procrastinator!

Joanna Princess of Darkness

Nottingham students - Past and Present - On H2G2

Das Mouldy Sandwich Formally of Nottingham, now in Reading

MaW Nottingham student and Guru.

Are you or have you ever been a student in Nottingham? If yes, we need you for this list!!

Click here to see if any of them are online now!

Anyway, I look forward to meeting you all in the palace and please, don't stay a stranger!!!

Oh yeah, ((1*7)*(6+2))-(7*2)=42.

(The simple joys of being a maths student!)

My e-mail address is [email protected]

The ONLY way to play cards


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