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How Guitar Pickups Work

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Hi Dr Hell
I wonder if the diagram (link below) is correct.
When the string is directly above the pole, shouldn't the voltage be at the peak instead of zero as shown in the diagram?
I guess the voltage is zero when the string is at either end (left or right) because the string is momentarily at rest at those positions. As a result, no emf is induced.
What do you think?

How Guitar Pickups Work

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Dr Hell

Hey there - I replied to your post - I am a terribly neglecting and absent contributor to h2g2 - sorry for not responding quickly.

In essence - Yes you are right, the graph got messed up while I was noodling around with it. I'd like to mention that to the Editors at some point but it might take a while. A different answer might have been: Well spotted, I put that error in on purpose to see if anybody understood/acknowledged/read the article. You did. smiley - winkeye

Cheers, mate,


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How Guitar Pickups Work

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