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Art and smileys

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Are you a good person to come to to ask about smileys then? Questions such as "Could we have a [....] smiley?"

Also, when guide entries are edited (I haven't had one done yet, but the one I'm about to have edited features a photo I took) do the pictures necessarily have to be from the H2G2 art archive?


Art and smileys

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Hi Inky,

Smileys: Yes, we're open to suggestions. If we do accept them, I can't promise when they'll be done as it depends on how busy we are at this end. They may get 'put into a pot', to be done at a later date, but please fire away smiley - winkeye

Photographs: You're free to add your own copyright free images to any entry you write and if they are edited, we certainly consider using images which illustrate a point as well as, or better than an illustration would. We also rescale images to a maximum width/height of 200 pixels to ensure uniformity and balance of the images with the text. So bear in mind that if you have say, a large image with a large group of people which you'd like to be used in a edited entry, their faces may not show up when the picture has been reduced to 200 pixels height/width. Most of the time this isn't a problem though.

I hope that helps.

Art and smileys

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It does, cheers!

I was loooking for a mouse smiley, and for a crafty grin smiley.

The photos I have are all of places, and I've tried to reduce them to about 200x300. No copyright on them as I took them myself and didn't bother to try and *own* them. The image files for Europe didn't have anything I could have used for those places.

smiley - smiley

Art and smileys

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I completely understand that you want to use the right images and if you're able to take the time to illustrate your piece, all the better smiley - winkeye

I'll pass the smiley suggestions on so that the others are aware of them. Many thanks for that smiley - smiley

All the best,

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