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I know this isn't really the place to pose this question, but I knew it'd actually get read here. You were the editor for my last guide entry, so I figured you could help me out. I submitted a guide entry two months ago. Are you guys really so backed up that it's taking two months to look at these things? Or did I somehow slip through the cracks? If you are really that busy, forget I ever said anything.

guide submission

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Hopefully the backlog itself is not two months long. We recently appointed a full-time editor to h2g2 and he is busy working through the long list of pending articles.

We hope to catch up soon.

So bear with us a little longer, I personally think your submitted entry is really good and it is on the list.

Hope this helps

guide submission

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Start a new Guide! Or if that is a bit time consuming, just bombarb this one with entries and ideas until you blow it up! Then as your contributions will be the most numerous, when the new owners buy the remnants of the Guide from the receiver, your name will surely keep jumping up at them, and they will probably make you the new editor! Then we can all scream at you for being so slow at editing our entries!

guide submission

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three months.

guide submission

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The Dancing Tree

Just to let you know that 1) the guide queue is about 3 months old and 2) I subbed this article fairly recently. I thought it was pretty good and only made a few changes, most notably to make it more universal. Anyway, I remember recommending it for inclusion in the guide, so if Mark agrees you should get an e.mail about this soon.

Hope this helps.

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