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Did I tell you I was a fan of your writing?
didn't mean to be bothering you about that though so I just kinda kept it to myself but yeah I kinda like your writing.
smiley - erm
So anyways, uh... did I tell you about the cartooning I was doing about different things? Probably not. Well, maybe I did.

Anyway, take care.



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Thanks, one of the few things I do reasonably well smiley - winkeye


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Oh God, I matured alot since SilverSword, the other day my mom got me a Sojourn narrated DVD and now I understand why I was doing everything entirely wrong. God.. I was awful. And after then was the period when everybody in Magician's Guild wanted to burn me at the stake. The years were kind to me and now I roleplay less obnoxiously.

Two movie questions. One's for if you're still a Depp fan: Did you see Sweeney Todd and is it worth seeing, how does he manage a deranged villain main character? Was it well,

and two,

Did you see Casino Royale?
My brother likes it, more gritty and has more fighting and plot, less gadgets. Hmm.


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I mean you're welcome.

smiley - run

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