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Hi there! I'm androyd one of the Assistant Community Editors who have volunteered to help new members. Welcome to the largest collaborative writing project er...anywhere. Take a look at some guide entries and see if you can add to the collection. If you feel there is a subject you can write about try doing a search first to see what already exists. I recommend you visit here before you get going:
Also I don't know if you've realised it yet, but the guide is about more than guide entries. Try these links to make new friends or even get a virtual job. I did. the world of h2g2 - the university is to be highly recommended if you have a particular area of interest. Enrol today!! newcomers welcome page aces homepage

I love football, if you do too then try out this site:

If you need help with h2g2 or just want to talk then just reply to this message or click on my name and leave a message on the help desk.

Hello there.

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Thanks, androyd!

Such nice people around here! =) Its good to see so much goodwill between complete strangers. These days, it seems we lack goodwill for our best friends and family, let alone complete strangers. =) So thank you very much for the warm welcome - now if only the rest of the world would join the H2G2 community... wouldn't it suddenly become a better place? =D

-- JacketFan

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Hmm maybe.. there is a bit of a row going on at the moment but by and large people ARE very friendly and it is certanly a model compared to the real world. Have fun look around and get in touch if you have any concerns etc, but most stuff if there already if you look carefully...
smiley - smiley

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Hello there.

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