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Welcome to h2g2 from your ACE, nbb

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Nosebagbadger {Ace}

Congratulations smiley - ok - you have just arrived at the greatest website in all the universe! My name is Nosebagbadger (Nbb for short), I'm one of the Assistant Community Editors (ACEs) who help all of those newly arrived at our amazing guide.

I see that you've already started adding in things like your PS - that puts you weeks ahead of me when I joined and means you have to wade through less of my drivel, sorry I mean inspired, helpful and radically forward thinking spiel.
smiley - cheers

Outside of the above, you can contribute however much, or little, as you want to, it is entirely up to you.

You could write an entry on a subject that is your passion, h2g2 covers everything from the Isle of Wight to Eggy Bread to the Milky Way galaxy. To take a browse just run over to the front page and click on the "infinite improbability drive" for a quick glance at an Edited Guide Entry.

Or if poetry and fiction is where you can shine maybe the Post is more your thing. Here you can write or draw about whatever you want. From comics to your best lies, feel free to let your artistic side run wild. For a brief view of what the Post can entail, just look down the front page on the right.

Don't worry if you don't understand what i might be jibbering on about; have a look at (A83344313) and see if it can help you find your way around what might be best for you.
h2g2 might be confusing, but there will always be somewhere for you to find your own place, and hundreds of people to help point you there.

That certainly isn't all from me, I'm afraid, I'm subscribed to this conversation - reply with any questions that you might have and I'm sure I'll be able to come up with an answer myself, or by asking one of the great community in this rather noisy neighbourhood.


Remember - any questions (or ideas or complaints about my message) at all please just send them on, if I can't answer them, I know many people who can.
Enjoysmiley - ok

Welcome to h2g2 from your ACE, nbb

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HA! I have started an Entry but have hidden it because it ain't finished smiley - erm But the screen I get implies I have hidden it because I am a wicked evil person not ready to interact with exalted luminaries, To Contribute To Say Hey Its Me.....<SMILEY TYPE="brokenheart"/> And my h2g2 extra smileys don't work.

Are there TipS? I have been told to use Brunel (my Alma Mater) because I keep losing stuff. So I am. I'm using Firefox. Links in Forums give me a "Sorry..." Advice if any please.
Before I got cancer and nearly died (..YooHoo I survived) I was pjfbncyl, followed steps , they found me but ended up with "Sorry.."
smiley - sadface

Cogito ergo doleo


Welcome to h2g2 from your ACE, nbb

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Ah, non technical person here, hello smiley - biggrin

I have noticed some problems cropping up with users of firefox, can use you something else? It might help

smiley - cake

Welcome to h2g2 from your ACE, nbb

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Nosebagbadger {Ace}

Brunel is definitely a better skin for editing things in,
I don't have firefox myself (Chrome all the way) to test whether that is the problem

Were you saying you were having problems getting certain smileys to function?

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Welcome to h2g2 from your ACE, nbb

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