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Hello darling

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woofti aka groovy gravy

Dear clare I just want to thank you for your inspired suggestion that I should get a housekeeper. My life has improved immeasurably since Sipho came. I would send you an email but I've changed my machine and I can't find your address any more. Please email me when you can.

God bless

woofti xx

Hello darling

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smiley - space

smiley - smiley

I don't know how long it has been since I last even looked in here - probably at least a month smiley - yikes
But that happens with me - life gets complicated - I have been travelling - still am - but not on vacation


which is fun but totally all encompassing.

Hopefully I will have time to catch up on some backlog, especially to see what you have been up to smiley - smiley
But not now smiley - wah already I have to leave in an hour for more "stuff" to do

I am sooooo glad it is working out with a housekeeper smiley - biggrin
I just really felt you didn't need all the complications involved in getting a wife
And a housekeeper does all the things you were talking about needing to be done!! yay!!

Hello darling

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woofti aka groovy gravy

Don't forget to mail me. smiley - biggrin

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Hello darling

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