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The Blues Brothers!!

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Hello everyone, this is the forum that I made to discuss the Blues Brothers. I will probably be making a Guide Entry with Bistroist and if anyone has any info about the Blues Brothers that noone has said before in this forum than I will note your help in the entry.
Thank you everyone.
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The Blues Brothers!!

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Jamie of the Portacabin

OK, I'm such a massive Blues Brothers fan that I *have* to be part of this! I won't bother repeating the obvious stuff, which you probably already know, but I'll look for little bits and peices that may be of interest. Here's a few just to get the ball rolling:

- The Blues Brothers started out doing short sketches on Saturday Night Live in the mid-70s. (You prob. already knew that one)

- Their first movie, called 'The Blues Brothers', was made in 1980 and cost US$38million to make. It didn't do too well at the box office but has become a lasting cult classic.

- The Blues Brothers performed the half time entertainment for the 1997 Superbowl.

- The sequel to 'The Blues Brothers' - 'Blues Brothers 2000' was released in 1997 and didn't do very well. Unlike the original it is unlikely to become a cult classic, because even most Blues Brothers fans found it a little bit lame.

- John Belushi died in

- The Blues Brother have performed the following songs on Saturday Night Live:

King Bee (this was performed in Bee costumes)
I Don't Know
Soul Man
(Everything I Need) Almost
"B" Movie Box Car Blues (also known as Get Back To You)
Hey Bartender
Rubber Biscuit
Flip, Flop and Fly (Aykroyd and Goodman, 1995)

There will be more! Stay tuned...

BTW- anything specific you want me to look out for?


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Jamie of the Portacabin

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The Blues Brothers!!

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Jeremy (trying to find his way back to dinner)

Are you interested in a backline list for a Blues Brothers Band Concert?

I had to provide most of the instruments for one of their gigs in 1999.

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