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NO thing works

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smiley - wah
Make it simple:how can I have a Personal Page where I can write my Personal stuff? UPDATE.... INTRODUCTION!!!!!!!!!!smiley - cake

All-and-more does not work WITH PROPER PASSWORD.
I know my secret question: the make of my car since this is my 3rd car exactly the same make and is rejected!

My Space at waumau does this: post to a conversation.smiley - wahsmiley - erm
Help!!!!!!!!!smiley - wahsmiley - wahsmiley - wah
IF I CLICK ON My Space how can I have an access to My Space???
I have NO THING to say in a conversation anymore until I have My Space! Thanks! I am really Blue Birdsmiley - bubblysmiley - runU211101 and that is a number and the only one and is better than a silly passwordsmiley - laugh
P.S. I would have suggestions what is good clear logic stuff, but I have to have My Space as I had it before! smiley - tit

NO thing works

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I'd like to delete this text, but I don't see how to do it.
Please just disregard it and don't waste your time to read it. Thank you and Sorry. Bb/wamu smiley - smiley

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