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A question about German education, if you don't mind?

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Sho - gainfully employed again

I hang around the SchoolGate weblog on The Times (UK) newspaper sometimes.

Currently there's a debate about the German education system and during the debate an American said that in the states 85% of children graduate (high)school but in Germany it's only 60% (and that's why Germany is going down the toilet... smiley - erm)

Anyway. I think that 60% seems very low - but I don't know how or where to check her figures. Any ideas?

If you're interested the discussion is here

A question about German education, if you don't mind?

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Hi, Sho

I don't really have time at the moment, but I will read the article / discussion later. (Oh, and I don't mind smiley - winkeye )

But my gut feeling (are there any others?) is that there must be something wrong with the numbers / terms the American is using. I think it might just be some kind of confusion along the lines of "In America, High School means 12 years of education, and everybody *has* to be in that school up till the end. Therefore, to graduate properly means to spend 12 years in school." In Germany, of course, 12/13 years is reserved for the Gymnasium programmes, whereas Realschule finishes after 10 th grade and Hauptschule after 8th grade. Maybe the American commentator (commenter?) just thinks only the whatever % that finish Gymnasium actually graduate?

And then of course there is the misconception that the obligation to go to school (Schulpflicht) ends with 8th or 9th grade - the regular age of Hauptschul graduation. See the table here that explains for how long you actually *are required* to go to some kind of educational institution.

Anyway... will think about the actual numbers later. And sorry for quoting wikipedia rather than using my own words smiley - winkeye

Grüße und so smiley - winkeye


A question about German education, if you don't mind?

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Sho - gainfully employed again

oh thanks, honeypie!

I rather suspected that she was comparing Abi figures with total pupil figures, so it's good to hear you suspect the same. smiley - smiley

(btw - any chance of you making the Mannheim meet?)

A question about German education, if you don't mind?

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Sho - gainfully employed again

smiley - loveblush
I liked your comment there! thanks

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