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NYC Student - The innocent looking one =P it seems to me... [23] Apr 3, 2014
Miz Hi from UK. [1] Jul 4, 2004
soeasilyamused, or sea Emergency Message from Evillene [1] May 27, 2004
The Corrupt One Yo, foo. [3] Apr 30, 2004
Craxus "ACE" (High Lord of the Magicians Guild "A2510425") The Magicians Guild Recruiting Service [1] Apr 19, 2004
Vestboy II not playing the Telegram Game at U726319 FiST [9] Apr 5, 2004
Miz Hi from UK. [2] Mar 24, 2004
Miz Hello. [4] Feb 5, 2004
Yuvi No hard feelings? [2] Feb 3, 2004
Red (and a bit grey) Dog Wuff wuff wuff [6] Jan 27, 2004
Faithlicious a.k.a (The Scooby Gangs) Faith, Slayer of all thingz Demonic. (Also a major Lord of the rings fan) Hey NYC Student [1] Nov 16, 2003
Marvin the (forgetful, paranoid, and lazy) Robot who is a member of the ASL, the MTPAFC (or what ever it was called before it be question [9] Nov 3, 2003
Tacysa slight problem... [9] Oct 29, 2003
CARRIE- cRaZy LiL GiRlY gLiTtEr N sPaRkLy FaIrY wInGs.xXxBUFFY.FANATIC.xXx [No Subject] [2] Jul 20, 2003
J Hello there... [6] Jul 14, 2003
soeasilyamused, or sea Ghost in the Shell [6] May 19, 2003
Red (and a bit grey) Dog Ding Dong .... is Mr Student at home ? [70] Apr 20, 2003
Cybercat Hiya from Luton, England [29] Apr 10, 2003
Ancient Brit Do you have a problem with your ID ? [14] Feb 22, 2003
HappyDude Yes Sir, I can Boogie, Boogie Woogie [47] May 29, 2002

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