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Gotta scoot, peeps ...

have a splendid weekend one and all ... smiley - hug and smiley - smooch to all who care!


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Doobry and Dontbry

Well, it's that time again ... time to scootle off for a weekend of debauchery north of the border ...

As the walrus was reported to have said; "The time has come" although I don't suppose I'll be talking of shoes, ships, sealing wax, cabbages or kings, but then again, who knows ... stranger things have happened at sea.

The Marie Celeste for example, now that was weird ... The Bermuda Triangle - smiley - yikes ...

Until Sodit people, unless I can remember how to access from anywhere but here - last time I tried, I materialised as Moistly Armless ... smiley - yikes

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