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Hi Sho.

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Wand'rin star

Your moniker change noted. How is the money being coined? Hope this means I get to see you in London.smiley - starsmiley - star

Hi Sho.

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Sho - unemployed again - Thanks Covid-19

I'm going to check out flights this week, I already have a hotel for the Friday & Saturday so if you're there I'll deffo see you!

Before I left the old place one of the Vice Presidents (German chap) told me he was leaving too and had a good chance of setting up the European operation of an Asian company involved in pretty similar stuff to what we were already doing in the automotive industry and was I interested?

So in October he invited me over to see his new office, and I started in December as Senior Manager of Sales & Marketing (we don't have a financial operation in Europe, thank goodness so I don't have month end stuff)

How are you keeping?

Oh and did you also see elsewhere that I've applied for German citizenship?

Hi Sho.

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Wand'rin star

I did see that your papers were still on the kitchen table
I wish I had that option, but the Irish grandmother rule does not apply in reverse.
Where are you staying in London? I would like to try and get a room in the same place if it's possible. Otherwise Ill probably try the Travelodge. I have to do something pretty fast as I need to make travel plans to do a little "babysitting" over Easter. Actually they babysit me.
Congratulations on the job. Glad it doesn't include the dreaded end of month smiley - starsmiley - star

Hi Sho.

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Sho - unemployed again - Thanks Covid-19

I'm staying at the Gresham Hotel in Bloomsbury - check in on Friday 26th and check out on Sunday 28th April. I may be there a day or two before staying with a friend but I'm not sure about that. (depends on my boss). The hotel is costing me around 150 quid. Booking dot com.

Haven't booked flights yet - I'm worried that there may be Brexit complications.

Oh and I'm off to China next month (Xiamen) for a week. Any tips...

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