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LL Waz

Surfing homepages I came on yours. Living on my own in a small rural village it has occurred to me in the past that in a different century I'd been looked at as a possible witch. I'm not too sure just how deeply buried those reactions are, either.
And I'd love to drive a traction engine, I love the smell of the hot oil.
Oh, and I've also mended my shed roof, very satisfactorily for ten years. But it needs doing again, it's not the same second time round, it's just not a challenge anymore! So I'm putting it off - you don't know any roor repairing spells do you? smiley - smiley


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Pleased to hear from you. It sounds like we have a couple of things in common. Including feeling that I've gone as far as I want in my job, but I don't know what to do about it.

No, I'm a pretty poor witch, I don't know any useful spells. My garden project this year is to clean out the shed. I expect to find things I haven't seen since moving here 14 years ago!

I'm impressed at what you've done with your page in such a short time. I've been promising a local group that I will make a website but so far it's all in my head!


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LL Waz

Thank you for replying.smiley - smiley
My job, the previous one that is, took over my life and it wasn't enough. I looked for a part time job that would be easier and pay enough to live on, with the aim of taking 4 years out to find out what I really wanted to do. That was 6 years ago. The part time job is more rewarding, being more directly of use, pays the bills, and, being part time, gives me time to do other things. Its the part time aspect that really made the difference. I don't do more than 2 consecutive days so I don't get as involved and spend my days off with my head still full of work as I used to.
I don't regret the 16 years I did in the old job. I enjoyed most of it and I still miss the people I worked with. But I don't regret leaving for one minute.

Don't know if you wanted to know all that!
Pity about the spells. I've also been meaning to clear my shed out but its either too cold to be out or too nice to be in a shed.

My website is a mess. Its just a store for pictures I've used here and I don't know how to edit it or get things off that I don't want. I had a lot of unsucessful attempts with the pictures. Just hope no one ever visits it.

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