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Greeting to you too!

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Hi! Welcome to the Guide. I'd love a beer. Are they cold?

Greeting to you too!

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Woah.. Pop in to say hi and I find Peta already here.. *peers intently at Scorpio* ... Should I know you? smiley - winkeye

Well, I've known several scorpios over the... erm.. years (yeah, that's it smiley - winkeye) and.. uhm.. Well.. never mind about all that. smiley - smiley *blush*

Oh well.. Saw your light on and thought I'd pop in to say Hi. If Peta has taken you under her wings (so to speak.. I mean.. it's not like she's Queen bluDragon ( ) or anything), I know your in good hands.


Greeting to you too!

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Thanks! I already feel at home...

And the beer is ice cold!

Greeting to you too!

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Hi, glad to see you've come by...

...*slightly taken aback by Anonymouse's intent stare*...

Should you know me? Don't know, maybe...maybe not.

Would you like a beer? They're ice cold.

Greeting to you too!

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Sure, why not? smiley - winkeye

*tries to imagine an extremely hot day but fails miserably, still seeing snow piling ever-deeper outside* Ah well.. *pop, sip* Thanks! smiley - winkeye

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