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Q&A on chile

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Welcome to the Chilean Q&A forum

here you can ask any questions regarding this country, and I will attempt to answer them as best as i can

Q&A on chile

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Demon Drawer

I'll get you started with an easy one. What is the capital? I know but I thought you needed a bit of support.

Q&A on chile

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thanks DD...

well then, just for everyone else there who does NOT know what the capital of Chile is, it is called Santiago.
otherwise known as "Santiago de Chile" and by it's original name "Santiago de la Nueva Extremadura"

not to be confused with "Santiago de Compostela", which is in Galicia, northern Spain, and with "Santiago de Cuba" which is in... you guessed it, Cuba

Q&A on chile

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Demon Drawer

I've been to Santiago de Compostella, really cool city, loads of old streets and buildings.

Q&A on chile

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The Frood (Stop Torture: A455528)

Okay, necesito ayuda. Estoy planeando hacer un proyecto para la Universidad de H2G2 sobre Culturas Prehispanicas.
¿Qué culturas vivian en Chile?
Si aprueban mi idea, ¿pudieras ayudarme?

Gracias smiley - smiley

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