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Fireworks Entry/Note 4

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As there seems to be no way to leave a message...

Note 4 to the Fireworks entry is wrong_in_fact.

A correct version might read:

Stars are pellets of pytrotechnic composition, to produce
the points of light. The composition varies, depending
on the colour or effect desired.

(One might omit the second sentence.)
meta comments:
This is not the place to get into the exact comps.

The statment 'metal powders' is (mostly) _false_. Assuming
accuracy is a goal of the entries, it ought to be
amended. Given the general nature of the site, the
version proposed above is cirrect and sufficent.

Statements in general texts about 'Strontium for red',
etc, are correct in theory only, false in detail. The
metals are present (generally/mostly) in the form of
their _salts_. (exception around white/silver:
even there 'metal powders' are not present: the stars
are balls/pellets of comp.) Raw metal powders Do Not
make colors, in pyrotechnics, and CAN BE hazardous.

I provided the references in the post to the referenced


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Fireworks Entry/Note 4

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