Movement for Unbridled Conversation on Underground Services (MUCUS)

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The Underground underground
. Urban warriors challanging the tyrrany of tube travel.

Too long have the carriages of our underground services remained silent, governed by the hegemony of corporate opression. Too long have the only people who would dare to speak up been drunk incoherent madmen, and Romanian Accordian players. It is time forYOU, the people, to stand up and be counted. You too can have a "friendly chat", exchange pleasantaries with your fellow traveller, or bemoan the lack of buffet services on the underground.

Our time is now!! Rise up in your carriage, and make a passing comment about the cut of the dour gentleman-seated-opposite-you's suit. Suggest to a city line carriage packed with Merchant Bankers that you play a game of Eye-Spy. You have the power, but you must seize the moment! It is not too late to open the hearts, minds and mouths of our brethren travellers.

Join MUCUS now! Our brothers in the underground need your support. Even if you have never seen a tube train, you conversational support will give our brothers and sisters the offhand remarks they need to battle the system of silence. If you are actively involved in preaching the revolutionalry gospel, tell us of your exploits in bringing MUCUS to the downtrodden commuters of London, Paris, New York, and Frankfurt.

MUCUS is proud to support our revolutionary brothers and sisters inARSE,GIRRandCIAO-ACCATHJAY.

MUCUS Revolutionary Guard

TV's Frink(Founder member of WASGIRRWOJ andGIRR)
Si(Grand Convener ofCIAO-ACCATHJAY)

MUCOUS (Movement for Unbridled Conversation on Overground and Underground Services) Freedom Fighters

Fenchurch M. Mercury(Leader ofARSE)

Viva La RevoluciĆ³n!

MUCUS - Converse, Conspire, Corrupt

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