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Hello there , and how are you today?

My name is GreyDesk (GD for short) and I am one of this site's Assistant Community Editors, or ACEs. It's part of my role to come along and personally welcome you to the place that is h2g2. I'm here to help if you've got any questions about what the site has to offer, how to move around within the site. And most importantly, how to contribute to the site.

The focus of h2g2 is our Edited Guide. This is an on-going project to collect the unique knowledge of our researchers about 'Life, the Universe and Everything'. We would be really pleased if you could contribute something towards this. If you want to get involved, then please make sure that you read the <./>Writing-Guidelines</.> before submitting anything to <./>PeerReview</.>

If that's not to your taste right now, then there are plenty of other places on the site for you to explore. Heck, there's a whole community out there chatting away. A good place to start is at <./>Askh2g2</.> where conversations about all manner of topics are taking place right now. There is also a pretty long list of clubs and societies that researchers have set up. You can see it in all its glory here -> A660340.

That link brings me quite nicely to our weekly newspaper, <./>ThePost</.>. Which has lots of great articles, features, fiction and cartoons fresh out for your enjoyment every Thursday.

Well that is enough I think to get you started. If you've any questions, just hit the 'reply' button at the bottom of this message and you'll be able to send a message straight to me.

All the best, and see you around <ok>


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