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if there's 1 thing i h8 in this wrld is fake peeps !! peeps who pretend their there 4 u when u need them but when u ask 4 help they turn their heads n luk the otha way !!

anotha thing i h8 in this wrld is bein lied 2 ! i dont c y peeps have 2 lie 2 u ! white lies r fine bcoz they stop peeps from gettin hurt emotionally (most of the time) but in my wrld there is no place 4 lairs r cheaters !!

also in my wrld depression does not exist !! i no wot it feels like 2 b depressed ! i've suffered from depression as well as paranoia which i'm still copin wi now !! but ya c i put a front on 4 evry 1 bcoz evry 1 comes 2 me wi their probs n im known 2 b the bubbly, happy never have a problem in the wrld gal !! but [email protected] aint the real me ! the real me sits n cries @ nite wishin she'd die 2 take all the pain away as well as all the nasty, horrible, vicious people [email protected] consume most of this wrld !!

sorry about [email protected] ! i no no1 reads my profile thing apart from loz n i dubt she'd read this but i had 2 get evry thing out my head n writin dwn sum where !! oh well

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