Leisure District-Gone but not forgotten

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Leisure District-a brief description.

Leisure District was a Chat Service-available on the Internet-but also available on Active Digital Television-consisting of Chat Rooms, Private Rooms, Messaging, a 'Pal Pilot' that like the h2g2 eyes, let you know when your buddies were online, Games-including Hangman-were useful for earning points-points which could be spent on Virtual Greetings cards and flowers to send to Leisure District friends, Virtual Pets-which needed daily care and love-similar to those Tamagotchi toys, and The Library
. The Library had different sections-for Quotes, Poetry and Jokes. The quotes section was useful for bringing important matters to Public knowledge. It was in the Library the most LD-ers revealed more about theirself than just the banter found in the Chatrooms.
The Chatrooms

There were several chatrooms-all with different names-The most popular seemed to be:
The UK Room


The Pub

The Foyer

There were other rooms, Ohio, Washington but these were less busy. There was also The Teen Room-but few brave souls ventured in here-the Kids were rather...naughty. It was in these rooms that conversation flowed-usually started by the Question: A/S/l? which means Age, Sex and Location. And Of course-like h2g2 you had to have your Username. Some people's names were so bizarre that users just had to ask what the names meant! Other names paid Homage to a favourite Film or TV star or character. Other names were just statements about the User-be they happy sad or hungover.

Many friends were made in LD as it was often shortened to-and many LDers made it through to h2g2 via an email link-which has enriched so many people's lives.

LD broke down boundries-and helped people find out that people are the same the whole world over-a fact that becomes even more obvious on the International scale on h2g2.

Leisure District shuffled off it's mortal coil in 2003-to be 'replaced' by another chat service called "Yoome2" but as this is subscription based, It's unsure wether it will have the same success as old LD.

Leisure District-Rising from the Ashes in h2g2.

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