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This list started life as a small number of vehicle number plates or licence plates from TV shows or Movies, that one day I'd like to have on a wall. Since then the list as grown rather and now I don't think I'll have walls big enough to have them all up at once. So I thought I'd share them with you.
I do have some others but the numbers are rather dodgy or I can't find enough info on the car itself. If you have any info or details of cars that are not listed below please let me know. I do like detail and have spent hours sorting out fact from fiction, but mistakes do happen.
The list is laid out as TV/Movie NoPlate Make/Model Colour and other details such as driver or other plates used on the same vehicle in the series etc

77 Sunset Strip / JOY038 / Hot Rod / Gerald L. "Kookie" Kookson

77 Sunset Strip / K3400 / Hot Rod / Gerald L. "Kookie" Kookson

Adam-12 / E193742 / Plymouth Patrol Car / Malloy & Reed

Adderly / ARB833 / Impala Sedan / White

Adderly / JBR813 / BMW / Red

Adventures in Paradise / 3134A / Jeep

Airwolf / 2G15626 / Aviation Fuel Truck

Airwolf / 1BOX70 / Jeep

Airwolf / FIRM1 / Limo

Airwolf / IDT0406 / Station Wagon

Alien Nation / 21MU684 / Sedan

All Creatures Great and Small / BAF892 / 1935 / Morris 8 Tourer / CPE397 possibly also used

Amazing Spider-Man / 376KNP / Sedan

Amazing Spider-Man / 49NEJJ / Rolls Royce

Amen / KNC481 / Oldsmobile Regency / Grey

American Graffiti / 1955 / Chevy / Black / Falfa's car, Same car used in Two-Lane Blacktop

American Graffiti / JPM351 / 1958 / Chevy Impala / white

American Graffiti / 1956 / Edsel

American Graffiti / THX138 / 1932 / Ford deuce 5-window coupe / yellow / Similar to the title of the first feature-length film THX1138 (1970) directed by newcomer George Lucas - with only three numerals on the plate because of California law restrictions.

American Graffiti / DLW796 / 1951 / Mercury / Red / The Pharaohs, Chopped top

American Graffiti / 1956 / Thunderbird / White

American Graffiti / Vespa scooter / white

Andy Griffith Show / JL327 / Ford Galaxy / Black & White

Angel Street / 3X4919 / Sedan

Angel Street / M9640 / Sedan

Ann Jillian / 2DDL274 /Sedan

A-Team, The / 2E14859 / 1983 / GMC G-series van probably G-15, customized by Universal Studios Prop Dept, various REGS 2L83000, 2A22029, S967238 and 2E14859.

A-Team, The / NRB729 / Limo / General Hunt Stockwell

A-Team, The / IHG581 / Sedan / Templeton Peck

Austin Powers - International Man Of Mystery / SWINGER / Jaguar E-Type

Austin Powers - The Spy Who Shagged Me / SWINGER 2 / Volkswagon Beetle

Avengers, The / LPH800D / AC Cobra 428 / Maroon / Tara King

Avengers, The / YK6871 / 1928 / Bentley / Green

Avengers, The / YT3942 / 1927 / Bentley / Racing Green

Avengers, The / RX6180 / 1926 / Bentley Speed-6

Avengers, The / UW4887 / 1926 / Bentley Speed-6 / Green

Avengers, The / GK-3295 / Bugatti / Also RT4700 / John Steed (Ralph Fiennes)

Avengers, The / WX887 / Land Rover / Olive Green

Avengers, The / HN9996 / Lotus Elan S2 / Powder Blue / Emma Peel

Avengers, The / HNK999C / Lotus Elan S2

Avengers, The / JJH4990 / Lotus Elan S2 / Powder Blue / Emma Peel

Avengers, The / SJH499D / Lotus Elan S2 / Powder Blue

Avengers, The / PPW999F / Lotus Europa Mk1 / Red / Tara King

Avengers, The / LYP794D / Mini Moke / Tara King

Avengers, The / THX77F / Mini Moke / Brown / Mother

Avengers, The / 3KHM / Rolls Royce / Silver Grey / Mother

Avengers, The / UU3864 / 1923 / Rolls Royce Phantom Tourer Mk1 / Yellow

Avengers, The / KK4976 / 1927 / Rolls Royce Silver Ghost / Yellow

Avengers, The / 987CAA / Triumph Motorcycle / Mrs. Cathy Gale

Avengers, The / XH054 / Triumph Motorcycle / Mrs. Cathy Gale

Avengers, The / CMU574A / Trojan Bubble Car

Avengers, The / XT2273 / Vauxhall 30-98

Avengers, The / 7061MK / White Vauxhall Saloon

B.A.D.Cats / 264PPA / Sedan / Det. Eugene Nathan

B.A.D.Cats / 938LYN / Sedan / Nick Donovan

B.J. & the Bear / 806356 / Kenworth 18-Wheeler / Red / B.J. McKay. Various plates, 4T3665, 635608 and 806356

B.L. Stryker / CIT86R / Rolls Royce / Kimberly Baskin

B.L. Stryker / OZ11 / Sedan / Oz Jackson

Bachelor Father / RXR553 / Sedan Convertible / Bentley Gregg

Back to the Future / OUTATIME / DeLorean DMC-12

Banacek / 178344 / 1941 / Packard Darrin / Thomas T. Banacek

Baron / BAR1 / Sedan / John Mannering

Batman / TP6597 / 1955 / Lincoln Futura / TV series, originaly a prototype show car reworked by George Barris , various plates BAT1, B1, 2F3567, 2EF456 and TP6597

Bearcats! / 4596NYD / Stutz Bearcat / White / Hank Brackett

Bearcats! / 4596NYD / Stutz Bearcat / White / Johnny Reach

Beauty & The Beast / CLO426 / Sedan / Catherine Chandler

Bedazzled / BAD1 / Diablo-style kit car / by I.F.G. Custom Automotive

Benny Hill Show, The / UU3864 / 1927 / Rolls Royce Phantom I

Bergerac / Triumph 1800 Roadster

Beverly Hillbillies / RSP801 / Convertible / Red / Milburn Drysdale

Beverly Hills 90210 / 18A4RE / Corvette / Steve Sanders

Beverly Hills 90210 / 2BRI645 / 1965 / Ford Mustang / Yellow / Brandon Walsh

Beverly Hills 90210 / 200T458 / Porsche Speedster / Black / Dillon McKay

Beverly Hills 90210 / 2GEE645 / Sedan / Cindy Walsh

Bewitched / 4R6558 / Chevy Malibu Convertible / Darrin Stephens

Big Bluff, The / Triumph TR2 / white

Bionic Woman / TVU566 / Datsun 280-Z Sports / Blue / Jaime Sommers

Blade / 1969 / Dodge Charger

Blues Brothers / BDR529 / 1974 / Dodge Monaco 440/Auto / Ex-Mt Prospect Police car with Illinois plates

Blues Brothers / KN2419 / Jaguar E-Type SIII roadster / Twiggy's car

BOND A View To A Kill / 359ETO75 / Renault 11 / blue / Splits in two

BOND A View To A Kill / Rolls Royce Silver Cloud II saloon / silver / Tippet's car

BOND Diamonds Are Forever / Aston Martin DBS / Bond's car with Q in the workshop

BOND Diamonds Are Forever / CA52H6 / 1971 / Ford Mustang Mach 1 / Red

BOND Diamonds Are Forever / 1971 / Ford / sedan / pursuer

BOND Diamonds Are Forever / RCV435H / Triumph Stag convertible / Yellow

BOND Die Another Day / KE02EWW / 2002 / Aston Martin Vanquish / Silver Birch

BOND Die Another Day / 2002 / Ford Thunderbird / Insignia Red

BOND Die Another Day / OR203 / 2002 / Jaguar XKR Roadster / Kelly Green

BOND Dr. No / Chevrolet Bel-Air Taxi

BOND Dr. No / Z8301 / 1962 / Sunbeam Alpine Series 5 / Blue

BOND For Your Eyes Only / M1026A / Citroën 2CV / yellow / Melina's and Bond's car

BOND For Your Eyes Only / OPW654W / Lotus Esprit Turbo / white

BOND For Your Eyes Only / OPW678W / 1981 / Lotus Esprit Turbo / Bronze

BOND For Your Eyes Only / Peugeot 504 saloon?

BOND For Your Eyes Only / Yamaha XJ 500 / black / pursuers

BOND From Russia With Love / AL1 / Bentley Mark IV 4½ Liter Sports Tourer / Black

BOND From Russia With Love / Chevrolet delivery vehicle / yellow / Bond's car for a time

BOND From Russia With Love / Citroën Traction Avant 11 / black / pursuer

BOND From Russia With Love / 1963 / Rukotvorine Truck / Yellow

BOND GoldenEye / BMT216A / Aston Martin DB5 / Silver Birch / SEE GOLDFINGER

BOND GoldenEye / BMW Z3 / Metallic Blue

BOND GoldenEye / Cagiva / olive green / Bond's vehicle

BOND GoldenEye / 437NAC75 / 1995 / Ferrari F355 Spider/355GTS / Red

BOND GOLDFINGER / BMT216A / 1964 / Aston Martin DBS / Silver Birch / Actual Car Reg BMT214A, Rotating plates LU6789 with 4711EA62

BOND GOLDFINGER / 1964 / Ford Mustang Convertible / White

BOND GOLDFINGER / Ford Ranchero / Oddjobs delivery vehicle

BOND GOLDFINGER / 1964 / Lincoln Continental / Black

BOND GOLDFINGER / Mercedes 190 'Pontoon Saloon' / black / pursuers vehicle

BOND GOLDFINGER / 5846HX / 1937 / Rolls Royce Phantom III Sedance de Ville / Black/Yellow

BOND Licence to Kill / 1989 / Kenworth W900B Tanker Truck / White

BOND Licence to Kill / Maserati Biturbo / silver metallic / Sanchez's car

BOND Live and Let Die / Dodge Sedan / white / Bonds car for a time

BOND Live and Let Die / Mini Moke

BOND Live and Let Die / Routemaster Bus / green

BOND Moonraker / Hispano Suiza? / Beige/Cream

BOND Moonraker / 1979 / MP Roadster / white / Brazilian MG-TD Replica

BOND Never Say Never Again / 1927? / Bentley / Green

BOND Never Say Never Again / Chevrolet Camaro / black / pursuer

BOND Never Say Never Again / Mercedes SL convertible / gold metallic / Fatimas car

BOND Never Say Never Again / Renault Turbo / red / Fatimas car

BOND Never Say Never Again / Yamaha XJ 650 Turbo / black / Bonds motorcycle

BOND Octopussy / BTF608 / Alfa Romeo GTV6 Coupe / dark gray metallic / Bonds car

BOND Octopussy / BMW 5 Series / sedan / police paint job / pursuer

BOND Octopussy / BMW motorcycle / police paint

BOND Octopussy / Mercedes / black / Kamal Khan's car

BOND Octopussy / BT3672 / Mercedes Benz 250SE 108 series saloon / black / Bonds car

BOND Octopussy / Rolls Royce / black / Kamal Khan's car

BOND Octopussy / Volkswagon Beatle / white / Bonds car for a time

BOND On Her Majesty's Secret Service / 7180 / 1969 / Aston Martin DB-S / Silver Birch

BOND On Her Majesty's Secret Service / Mercedes? / black / Irma Bunts car

BOND On Her Majesty's Secret Service / 1969 / Mercury Cougar / red

BOND The Living Daylights / B549WUU / 1986 / Aston Martin DBS V8 Vantage / gun-metal / coupe as a soft-top Volante version

BOND The Living Daylights / Audi 200 Quattro / stone gray metallic

BOND The Living Daylights / Lada 1800 saloon

BOND The Living Daylights / Land Rover Series III / Gangster escape vehicle

BOND The Living Daylights / C847TLF / Unigate Milk Float

BOND The Man With the Golden Gun / AL8083 / 1975 / AMC Hornet hatchback special coupe / red / Bonds car

BOND The Man With the Golden Gun / 1975 / AMC Matador coupe / Bronze / as basis for aircraft Scaramangas car

BOND The Man With the Golden Gun / Rolls Royce Silver Shadow

BOND THE SPY WHO LOVED ME / Ford Taunus(cortina) / black / pursuer

BOND THE SPY WHO LOVED ME / Kawasaki 900 with sidecar / black / pursuer

BOND THE SPY WHO LOVED ME / PPW306R / 1977 / Lotus Esprit S1 / White / Submarine car

BOND The World is Not Enough / V354FMP / 1999 / BMW Z8 / silver metallic

BOND Thunderball / BMT216A / 1964 / Aston Martin DB5 / Silver Birch / see GOLDFINGER

BOND Thunderball / BSA 650cc Lightning/BSA A65 motorbike / Fionas motorcycle

BOND Thunderball / 1965 / Ford Mustang Convertible / Light Blue

BOND Thunderball / Ford Skyliner / black / pursuer Count Lippe

BOND Tomorrow Never Dies / 1964 / Aston Martin DB5 / Silver Birch

BOND Tomorrow Never Dies / BMT 2144 / 1997 / BMW 750iL / Silver

BOND Tomorrow Never Dies / BMW Cruiser R 1200 C / ivory-colored Eggshell / Bonds motorcycle

BOND Tomorrow Never Dies / Ford Sierra / black / pursuer

BOND Tomorrow Never Dies / Mercedes / black / pursuer

BOND Tomorrow Never Dies / Opel Senator / red / pursuer

BOND Tomorrow Never Dies / Range Rover / pursuer

BOND You Only Live Twice / 2000 / Toyota 2000 GT convertible / white / Aki's car, only two convertables were ever made

BOND You Only Live Twice / Toyota Crown / black / pursuer

Booker / DVP762 / Pontiac Convertible / Dennis Booker

Booker / PX29190 / Sedan / Suzanne Dunne

Brady Bunch / TEL635 / Sedan / Mike & Carol Brady

Brady Bunch / 746AEH / Station Wagon / Mike & Carol Brady

Brand New Life / 2AS0043 / Sports Car / Laird Gibbons

Bread / Daimler 250 V8 / black / Joey Boswell / cunningly disguised, with a new front grille, as a Jaguar.

Breakfast Club, The / EMC2 / Brian's father

Bridget Loves Bernie / IC56 / Taxi Cab (#12) / Bernie Steinberg

Broken Badges / 2MEA471 / Squad Car / Beau Jack Bowman

Bullitt / 1968 / Dodge Charger

Bullitt / JJZ109 / 1968 / Mustang GT 390 / Highland Green / Steve McQueens VIN 8R02S125559

Burke's Law / JE8495 / Rolls Royce / Capt. Amos Burke

Burke's Law / JZG063 / Rolls Royce / Capt. Amos Burke

Butterflies / YRX656 / Sedan / Ben & Ria Parkinson

Cagney & Lacey / 562BLA / Sedan / Det. Christina Cagney

Cagney & Lacey / 801FEM / Sedan / Det. Christina Cagney

California Fever / IR772 / Dune Buggy / Grossmobile, Ross Whitman

California Fever / IM CRUSIN / Sports Car / Vince Butler

Cannonball Run / BMT216A / Aston Martin DB5 / Silver Birch / Cameo by Roger Moore

Cannonball Run II / 1981 / Imperial Limousine

Car, The / 1969-71 / Lincoln Mark III / modified by Barris Kustoms

Cara Williams Show / T1204 / Sedan / Cara Wilton?

Carry on Cabby / OWC160 / Ford Consul Cortina Super / and OWC 157 (amongst others)

Casino Royale / Jaguar E type / white / pursuer's car

Casino Royale / Lotus / formula 3 race car / black / Tremble's car

Casino Royale / Mercedes / black

Casino Royale / Supercharged Bentley / black / Bond's car

Cassie & Co. / 1GB0927 / Sedan / Cassie Holland

Cavanaughs / 39436 / 1941 / Plymouth Convertible / Blue / Francis Cavanaugh

Charmings / CRPT KING / Volvo Station Wagon / Bronze / Don & Sally Miller

CHiPs / 16A60 / Kawasaki 1000 Motorcycle / Off. Jon Baker

Chitty Chitty Bang Bang / GEN 11 / Custom Built see

Christine / CQB241 / 1958 / Plymouth Fury / see

Chronicle / TCQ278 / 2001 / Chrysler PT Cruiser / Red / Wes Freewald

Columbo / 044APD / 1950 / Peugeot 403 Convertible / Gray / Rusty condition, also used 448DBZ

Coupe de Ville / Cadillac convertible

Dallas / EWING4 / Mercedes Convertible / Red / Bobby Ewing

Dalziel And Pascoe / F267CYM / Saab 900 / Grey

Dangerous Curves / INB68A / Sedan / Gina McKay

Dead Zone / 1302KB / Chrysler PT Cruiser / Bruce Lewis

Delphi Bureau / 753321 / Sports Convertible / Glenn Garth

Delta / BBG477 / Convertible / Powder Blue / Delta Bishop

Department S / 6939PE / Limo / Sir Curtis Seretse

Department S / 874Y3L / Sedan / White

Department S / BE2083E / Sedan / Jason King

Department S / YYM297 / Sedan / Stewart Sullivan

Det. Tony Baretta / 532BEN / Sedan / a.k.a. "Blue Ghost", Baretta

Dirty Mary, Crazy Larry / 1969 / Charger R/T 440

Dirty Mary, Crazy Larry / 1966 / Impala

Doctor, Doctor / BIG DOC / Sedan / Abraham Butterfield

Dolphin Cove / 471PZU / Truck / Michael Larson

Downtown / ILNN506 / Sedan / Insp. John Forney

Dr. Christian / KHE458 / Sedan / Dr. Mark Christian

Dr. Who / WHO1 / Kit Car / Yellow / introduced by the Third Doctor (John Pertwee) The car, bought by the BBC as one of a series of limited edition kits designed by Siva Engineering Sales, was a fiberglass shell designed to fit directly onto an E93A Ford Chassis, of the type used by the Ford Popular.

Drew Carey Show / DLW6A3 / Volkswagen Beatle / White / Drew Carey

Drew Carey Show / #1 MOM / Buelah Carey
Driving Miss Daisy / 1948 / Packard four-door sedan

Due South / LUV705 / 1971 / Buick Riviera / Green Metalic / Det. Ray Vecchio

Duel / 1955-60 / Peterbilt 351 /Stunt Truck was used in the Incredible Hulk episode exclusively. It still survives today.

Duel / 149PCE / Plymouth Valiant

Dukes of Hazard / CHN320 / 1969 / Dodge Charger / Orange / General Lee. In 1969 Dodge released a limited edition orange body colour for the Bengal Tigers American football team named The Bengal Charger.

Dukes of Hazard / DIXIE / AMC Golden Eagle Jeep / White / Daisy Duke also used FCH630

Easy Street 1AQU703 Rolls Royce Corniche Blue, L. K. McGuire
Eight is Enough  YNH-872 M6 Sedan (a.k.a. "Gwendolyn")  Abby Bradford
Eight is Enough  553-VFZ Sedan Tommy Bradford
Eight is Enough  842-CU1 Sedan Tom Bradford
Eight is Enough  460-EKA Station Wagon Tom Bradford
Eight is Enough  HIR-312 Van David Bradford
Emergency 999-007 Dodge Paramedic Vehicle Roy DeSoto
End, The Jaguar Series I (?) E-Type dhc
Equalizer Jaguar Series III
Equalizer Jaguar XJ saloon
Equalizer Jaguar XJ40
Equalizer 5809-AUJ 1985? XJ6 Jaguar Black Robert McCall, also used 5809-AUG?
ER 427-563 Cadillac Convertable Blue Dr. Douglas Ross
Facts of Life WARNER-3 Coupe DeVille Bronze Blair Warner
Facts of Life 845-DUD Sedan Edna Garrett
Fall Guy, The FALL GUY GMC Pickup Truck Colt Seavers
Family Matters   P7C-128 1960 BMW Isetta Bubble Car Red & White Also used URK MAN
Farther Ted CI 35 Ford Cortina MkIV 1.6L Blue
Farther Ted CI 15 Milkfloat Speed episode
Fast and the Furious, The BMW M3
Fast and the Furious, The Honda Integra
Fast and the Furious, The Honda S2000
Fast and the Furious, The Nissan Skyline GTR
Fast and the Furious, The Subaru WRX
Fast and the Furious, The Totota Supra
Faster Pussycat, Kill Kill OWU 497 Karman Ghia
Father Dowling Mysteries R3H-698 Station Wagon Sister Steve
Faulty Towers Austin 1300 Estate
Felony Squad W64905 Sedan Det. Sam Stone Det. Jim Briggs
Ferris Bueller's Day Off NRVOUS GT250 kit car Red Modena Design and Development of El Cajon, California. Ferrari kit car look a like
Ferris Bueller's Day Off 4FBDO Ed Rooney
Ferris Bueller's Day Off MMOM Tom Bueller
Ferris Bueller's Day Off TBC Jeanie
Ferris Bueller's Day Off VCTN Katie Bueller
Final chase, The STAG 50 Triumph Stag MK1
Flintstones 6YZ-643 Flintmobile Fred Flintstone
Forever Knight 358 VY5 1962 Cadillac Convertible Nicholas Knight
Fortune Dane 2TZ-0587 Porsche Fortune Dane
Frasier 330 WPT     BMW Black Dr Frasier Crane
Freebie and the Bean 1966 Mustang coupe
Freebie and the Bean 1967-8 Mustang Fastback
French Connection Pontiac LeMans
Friends 2X85  Yellow NYC Taxi Cab  Phoebe Buffay  
Full House RDV-913 Ford Mustang Yellow (aka "Sally") , Jesse
Full House JJE-805 1963 Rambler Red (aka "Rosie") Joey Gladstone
Fun with Dick and Jane Jaguar Series II E-Type drop head coupe
Gay Divorcee, The Duesenberg
Gay Divorcee, The MGPA
Gay Divorcee, The Swallow-bodied Austin Seven
Get Carter MJR 892F Ambulance
Get Carter FTN1 Cadillac Red
Get Carter YBB 371H Ford Cortina MK1 Grey
Get Carter Jaguar 3.4 Mk II
Get Carter BYX 564B Land Rover LWB Blue
Get Carter NVK 602F Sunbeam White driven by Glenda
Get Smart D6-893 Sunbeam Tiger convertible Red Trunk opened by dialing the plate numbers to CA44N also used 9G-893 and 6A7-379 Maxwell Smart
Ghostbusters ECTO 1 1959 Cadillac Ambulance
Gidget, The New GIDG TVL Dodge Van (later a Volkswagen Rabbit) Frances"Gidget" Griffin 
Girl from UNCLE   LJH-681 Sports Car April Dancer
Going to California 693 LN8 1966 Buick Wildcat  Red Henry Ungalow & Kevin Lauglin
Gone in 60 Seconds (1974) LYN274 1971 Ford Mustang 93 wrecked cars in a 95 minute movie
Gone in 60 Seconds (1974) 1971 Plymouth GTX
Gone in 60 Seconds (2000) Ford Mustang
Good Guys, The   1924 Lincoln Cabriolet Landaulet Custom Taxi Cab yellow & black Rufus Betterworth
Grace Under Fire FXB 352 Pontiac GTO Sedan Blue also used AEH-497 Grace Kelly
Graduate, The Alfa Spider
Grand Slam VATO-UNO Sedan Pedro Gomez
Grand Slam 92LT07 Van Dennis Bakelenekoff
Greatest American Hero 293-XUJ Sedan Also used 508-SAT Bill Maxwell
Greatest American Hero 793-LAF Sedan or 733-LBL  Pamela Davidson
Greatest Show on Earth, The Jaguar XK120
Green Hornet V-194 1966 Chrysler Imperial Black (aka "Black Beauty") Green Hornet
Gremlins 1975-6 AMC Gremlin
Growing Pains BLA-523 Convertible VW Bug Red BLA 395, BLA 6PU or 635-TIP Mike Seaver
Growing Pains GPU-570 Sports Car Blue Mike Seaver
Growing Pains FEM-412 Station Wagon Jason/Maggie Seaver
Gumball Rally Jaguar series II E-type
Gumball Rally, The Camaro
Gumball Rally, The Ferrari 365 GTB/4 Daytona Spyder Julia
Gumball Rally, The Porsche Turbo Carrera
Gumball Rally, The Shelby 427 Cobra Sarrazin
Hangin' with Mr. Cooper 583 BVD   1967 Dodge Dart Mark Cooper
Happy Days F-7193 1952 Ford Convertible The Love Bandit, was owned by Richard "Richie" Cunningham, Fonzie painted over the license plate so it now read F-7498,
Happy Days F-3680 Desoto Black Howard Cunningham
Happy Days BFJ-380 Hudson Howard Cunningham
Hardball 25862L Motorcycle Joe Kaczierowski
Hardball 2LYN-596 Sedan Charlie Battles
Hardcastle & McCormick 2P34525 GMC Pickup Black & Grey Milton G. Hardcastle
Hardcastle & McCormick COYOTE Manta Sports Car Red or DE JUDGE  Mark McCormick  
Harper Valley NNT-552 Limousine Flora Simpson Reilly
Harper Valley TNT-456 Sedan Cassie Bowman
Harry & the Hendersons 608-GHR Van George Henderson
Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets 7990 TD Ford Anglia
Hart to Hart HART I Mercedes Jonathan Hart
Hart to Hart HART II Mercedes Jennifer Hart
Hart to Hart HART III Mercedes The Hart Family Car
Hat Squad? THE BEAST Sedan Det. Buddy Capatosa
Hawaii Five-O F6-3958 Mercury Sedan Black Steve McGarrett
Hawaiian Heat DEW-592 1965 Cadillac Convertible Detective Mac Riley
Hell Town   BPV-578 1940s Chevy Woody Station Wagon Father Noah Rivers
Herbie Goes Bananas 1963 Type I Volkswagon Beetle
Herbie Goes To Monte Carlo 1963 Type I Volkswagon Beetle
Herbie Rides Again Volkswagon Beetle
Highlander 827 KEG Thunderbird Black Duncan MacLeod
Highway to Heaven 1DTD-458 Ford Sedan Grey Mark Gordon
Home Improvement 964-J57 Chevy Nomad Wagon red Jill Taylor
Home Improvement 1946 Ford convertible ruby red pearl Tim Taylor
Home Improvement 2L TIME 1933 Ford roadster convertible blue (a.k.a. "Blue Goose") Tim Taylor
Honey West 1406-122 Surveillance Truck Honey West
Honey West 1ET-974 Surveillance Truck Honey West
Hong Kong AB-1651 Sedan Glenn Evans
Houston Knights H95-652 AMC Jeep Grey Levon Lundy
Houston Knights - GMC pickup with Black Camper Shell Red Levon Lundy
Hunter 318-DZU Junker' Sedan Blue Det. Sgt. Rick Hunter
Hunter 1ADT-849 Sedan Det. Sgt. Rick Hunter
I Dream of Jeannie Pontiac   Green Major Tony Nelson
I Love Lucy Pontiac convertible red & white
I remember Paris Jaguar XK120 olde englishe white
In Loving Memory 1925 Austin Hearse
In the Heat of the Night M-7246 Patrol Car Blue & White also M-7555 Chief Bill Gillespie
Inspector Morse 248 RPA Jaguar MK ll Burgundy Inspector Morse's car .. appears to be a MkII Jaguar, of course, with a horrible vinyl roof. I have heard rumours that it's not a Jaguar MkII at all, but a Daimler with a Jaguar grille. I can't remember how the exhaust arrangement is at the back, which would give it away (unless this was reworked as well).
Ironside C12563 Police Van Converted Robert T. Ironside
Isis 69-CBE Red Sedan (later yellow) Red (later yellow) Andrea Thomas
Italian Job, The TOA3 1271 Alfa Giulia Mafia
Italian Job, The 163 ELT Aston Martin DB4/5? Convertible Charlie's
Italian Job, The DTW236C Austin Taxi Vist to the Dentist
Italian Job, The ALR453B Bedford VAL14/Harrington Legionnaire I Coach
Italian Job, The OEG130G BMC MINI Ramp Crashed Red
Italian Job, The WGH45G BMC MINI Ramp Crashed Blue
Italian Job, The GPF146G BMC MINI Cooper White
Italian Job, The LGM809G BMC MINI Cooper Blue
Italian Job, The MVP729G BMC MINI Cooper Red
Italian Job, The NAN404D Daimler Majestic Pakistani Ambassador's Car
Italian Job, The 679DKX Jaguar E-Type Series 1 coupe Blue
Italian Job, The 848CRY Jaguar E-Type Series 1 roadster Red (chassis No. 12)
Italian Job, The --- 1 Jaguar MK ll? At Funeral poss another showing of the Daimler Majestic
Italian Job, The - Lamborghini Red
Italian Job, The BN--68C Land Rover Series 2A LWB
Italian Job, The 354-- Renault 10? Roof top curcuit police car
Italian Job, The 255DNV Thames Van White crew to beat up Charlie, Same van used as Dormobile
Italian Job, The 255DNV Thames Van White Dormobile, Same van used as crew to beat up Charlie
Italian Job, The 61527 Skidding Police Moded
Italian Job, The --- -29 Blown up Van
Italian Job, The 845021 TD Red Car Transporter
Italian Job, The TO59 5619 Gold Gold Van
It's a Man's World 899-11 Jeep Wes Macauley
It's a Man's World 818P Pickup Truck Houghton Stott
J. J. Starbuck TX-BRONCO 1964 Continental White, J. J. Starbuck
Jack Benny Show, The 4X-88-61 1923 Maxwell convertible black License numbers seen through the years included 4X-88-61 (from a Feb. 1938 publicity photo) PU8054 and 12S9523.
Jeff's Collie 98-81304 Farm Truck George Miller
Jesse AQN-249 VW Bug Orange Jesse Warner
Jessica Novak 327-WED Sedan Jessica Novak
Jonathon Creek B912 JUY Volvo Estate Red
Julie Farr, M.D. 183-HYE Sedan Julie Farr
Kate Loves a Mystery 304-MGD Sedan Mrs. Kate Callahan
Keeping Up Appearances D541-EXL Rover 216 VDP Silver Leaf Metalic Hyacinth Bucket
King of the HIll 416-2AS Sedan Hank & Peggy Hill
Knight Rider KNIGHT 1982 Pontiac TransAm (Modified) Black Kitt
Knots Landing 2GPU-947 Jaguar XJS Black Gary Ewing
Kojak 394-AFL Buick Regal also used 383-JDZ Det. Theo Kojak
L. A. Law LA-LAW Mercedes (later a Bentley) Arnie Becker
Lady Blue 4DJ56 Ford Bronco Bronze Det. Katy Mahoney
Lassie, The New 999-358 4 x 4 Chris McCulloch
Lassie, The New 938-IYN Sedan Chris McCulloch
Laverne & Shirley A4725 Hudson Convertible Black Laverne DeFazio & Shirley Feeney
Le Mans - Porsche 908 camera car
Le Mans - Porsche 917k Gulf Le Mans Special
Leave It To Beaver JHJ-335 Convertible Green Wally Cleaver
Leave It To Beaver WJG-865 Dodge Sedan Ward & June Cleaver. Also used ULT-310, UTF-673 and KJG-865
Leave It To Beaver AUG-865 Sedan Fred Rutherford
Leave It To Beaver PZR-342 Sedan Green Lumpy Rutherford
Leave It To Beaver, The New NO. 1 MOM Sedan June Cleaver
Leg Work DEX-627 Porsche Silver Claire McCarron
Life Goes On   JNE-734 Sedan Drew Thatcher
Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels YBO 927T Ford Escort Mark II RS2000 Black
Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels XGJ 790N Ford Granada White
Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels A77 UVL Ford Granada Estate Gold
Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels C990 WLC Renault Master Van White
Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels MJD 554L Rover Silver
Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels GCN777N Rover 3500 V8 Beige Big Chris
Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels B631 XYH Transit Van MkII Blue
Lone Gunmen  TSD - 596    Volkswagen Van  Blue & White
Love & War SUPER MOM  Minivan Nadine Berkus
Love Bug, The 0FP-857 Volkswagon Beetle White Herbie Jim Douglas
Lovejoy Jaguar XJ-S convertible Ian McShane as an antique dealer - girl friend drives an XJ-S convertible
Lovejoy Morris Minor Convertible
Lovejoy Volvo Estate
MacGruder & Loud 275816 Patrol Car MacGruder & Loud
MacGyver 2PEK-186 1956 Chevrolet Bel Air Station Wagon White & Powder Blue
MacGyver IRQ-104 Jeep Angus MacGyver
Mad Max 1973 Ford Falcon XB Coupe Intercepter
Mad max 2 Ford Falcon XB Coupe, V8 351
Madame's Place MADAME Rolls Royce Madame (the Puppet)
Magician, The SPIRIT Corvette White Anthony Blake
Magnum, P.I. ROBIN-1 Ferrari 308 GTSi Also used 56E 478 & 308GTSI Thomas Magnum
Magnum, P.I. ROBIN-2 Audi 3000 Thomas Magnum
Magnum, P.I. ROBIN-3 GMC Jimmy Station Wagon Jonathan Higgins
Major Dad 638-574 Station Wagon also used 2RW-308 John MacGillis
Man From U.N.C.L.E. The, U.N.C.L.E. Piranha Metallic Blue Napoleon Solo
Man of the People 20CE - 465 Sedan James "Jim" Doyle
Mancuso, FBI 8E9-356 Sedan Nick Mancuso
Mannix 714-AQU Convertible Blue-Green Joe Mannix
Mannix UQW-477 Tornado 425/385 Joe Mannix
Mariah 545-OLN Volkswagen Beetle Red Brandis LaSalle
Married People 586M066 Delivery Truck Nick Williams
Married With Children 61 CMS2 1974 Dodge Sedan Bronze F3B359 or 2 RPH 72 Al Bundy
Matrix Reloaded AI758 ?
Matt Helm 258-8PP Thunderbird Red Matt Helm
Matt Houston 21-VE-124 Excalibur Cream
Matt Houston COWBOY-9 Ford Lariat Pickup with Camper Shell Brown & White Matt Houston
Matt Houston COWBOY-1 Rolls Royce Matt Houston
Max Monroe: Loose Cannon IYXQ-753 Sedan also PEK-560 Det. Max Monroe
McMillan & Wife XCK-713 MG Roadster Convertible Yellow Sally McMillan
Memento SG137IU Chevrolet The ones could be "I's"
Men In Black SZV-766 Ford P.O.S.
Men in Black II 2003 Mercedes-Benz E-Class
Miami Vice Ferrari Daytona replica Corvette chassis
Miami Vice Ferrari Testarossa
Mickey Spillane's  Mike Hammer 502-BLU 1965 Mustang Convertible Blue Mike Hammer
Midnight Caller 2RA-0834 Mercedes Devon King
Midnight Caller 2HN-267 Sedan Jack Killian
Minder Daimler Double Six Arthur Daley
Minder Ford Capri 2.0 S White
Minder Jaguar XJ40 sovereign silver-blue In the last 2 series Arthur Daley
Misfits of Science 6LNK-534 1965 Dodge Dart Dr. Billy Hayes
Mister Ed FIM-921 1961 Studebaker 2-door Wilbur Post
Mister Ed RJY-908 Wilbur Post
Mobile One 27-704-Q KONE-TV Station Wagon Pete Campbell
Mod Squad 188-458 1950 Mercury Station Wagon (a.k.a. "Woody" - driven off cliff during second season) Three Hippie Cops
Mod Squad Triumph TR6 main car of one of the cops
Monkees, The PER-540 1967 Customized Pontiac GTO Red The Monkee-mobile also used NPH-623
Mork & Mindy ML2-9HJ Jeep Dark Blue/Gray Mindy McConnell
Mr Bean SLW 287 R Mini 1000 Yellow various models used, Also SLW 287 R(Armchair etc), ACW 497V - found in two episode's, RNT 996H - from the very first episode which was actually red/orange coloured Mini, and finally C607 EUV - from Mr. Bean the movie.
Mr. & Mrs. North NN1139 Sedan Pamela / Gerald North
Mr. Lucky LUCKY Sedan Mr. Lucky
Mrs Bradley Mysteries, The YT 7894 Rolls Royce Blue
Mrs. Columbo 044-APD Sedan Mrs. Kate Columbo
Mulligan's Stew 261MVP2 Station Wagon Mike / Jane Mulligan
Munsters, The HAJ-302 Model T Ford based hot rod Ford Cobra engine. It has Jahns high dome pistons and an Isky Cam and is fuelled through ten carburettors with huge gold plated intake pipes
Murphy Brown 189-347 Porsche White Murphy Brown
Murphy Brown 452-689J Sedan or 400-928 Miles Silverberg
My Beautiful Launderette Triumph Stag White
My Favorite  Martian   JFI-561 Convertible Tim O'Hara
My Mother the Car PZR-317 1928 Porter Black Dave Crabtree
My Mother the Car PZR-317 1928 Porter carnation red & white The car's body (finished in Metalflake ) was made up from various vehicles including a Model T Ford, a Maxwell, a Hudson and pieces of a Chevrolet
My Secret Identity 592-BAJ 4 x 4 Benjamin Jeffcoat
My Secret Identity CFN-148 Station Wagon Also JXN-127 Stephanie Clements
My Three Sons 483-ENX Pontiac Station Wagon Steve Douglas
Nash Bridges 3GQD685 1971 Plymouth Barracuda convertible Yellow 425 Horsepower Hemi Engine
National Lapoons Vacation LOVE ME Ferrari
New Avengers, The NWK-60P Custom Jaguar XJ12 Coupe Automatic British Racing Green Jonathan Steed (Patrick MacNee) drove a BRG or black XJ12C, which was modified with a Broadspeed type enlarged front grille, flared wheel arches and huge low profile tyres. ( Occasionally drove a Range Rover also)
New Avengers, The OLR-471P Honda Motorcycle Red
New Avengers, The LLC-950P Honda Motorcycle Yellow & Black
New Avengers, The MLR-875P Jaguar XJS Red Mike Gambit
New Avengers, The Jaguar XJS Automatic Yellow Note the four headlamps us and canada req
New Avengers, The MOC-232P MGB Yellow Purdey
New Avengers, The LOK-537P Range Rover White Mike Gambit
New Avengers, The TXC-922J Range Rover Green John Steed
New Avengers, The WOC-229P Rover 3500 SD1 Automatic Yellow John Steed
New Avengers, The 425 598 95 Rover SD1
New Avengers, The MHF 292 Triumph TR7 Red
New Avengers, The OGW-562R Triumph TR7 Yellow Purdey
Night Court HOT-TO-TROT Mercedes (a.k.a. "The Dan Mobile") Dan Fielding
Northern Exposure 39-759 Cadillac Convertible Light Brown Maurice Minnifield
Northern Exposure JR-38LC Jeep Ed Chigliak
Northern Exposure 83436MA Pickup Truck Maggie O'Connell
Northern Exposure 5792-H2 Truck Dr. Joel Fleischman
Northern Exposure 8346MA Truck Maggie O'Connell
Okavango TX-4173 Jeep Wildlife Clinic Car
Only Fools and Horses APL911H Reliant Regal Super Van III FKE-119L?
Open All Hours Morris Minor Nurse Gladys Emmanuel
Out Of This World 2XHX-622 Sedan Donna Garlund
Over My Dead Body 2915AJ Rolls Royce Maxwell Beckett
P.S. I LUV U 2DQ-1876 Patrol Car Det. Cody Powell
Paper Moon 68132 1931 Roadster Moses "Moze" Pray
Partners In Crime IFL-896 Sedan Carole Stanwyck
Partners In Crime IPCE-467 Sedan Sydney Kovak
Partridge Family NLX-590 School Bus Yellow with Psychedelic Colors Sign on rear of bus read:  "Careful. Nervous Mother Driving" Shirley Partridge
Persuaders, The BS1 Aston Martin DBS
Persuaders, The 221400 MO Ferrari Dino 246
Pete & Gladys JFH-647 1924 Hutmobile Roadster Peter Porter
Phantasm, II, III 1971 Plymouth Baracuda
Police Squad! NAQ-758 Sedan Det .Lt. Frank Drebin
Police Squad! TW4305 Sedan Det .Lt. Frank Drebin
Police Squad! YM4875 Sedan Det .Lt. Frank Drebin
Police Woman 635-CIN Sedan Lee Ann Anderson
Prisoner, The TLH-858 Hearse Sedan Black seen in opening credits
Prisoner, The KAR120C Lotus Super Seven Series II Green with yellow front. According to Number Six : "I know every nut, bolt & cog...I built it with my own hands" Engine No. 461034TZ."
Private Eye NOP-789 1956 Desoto Convertible. Black Jack Cleary
Professionals, The OAR 576W Ford Capri Mark III 3.0S Oyster Gold Doyle The genuine license plate is OAR 576V
Professionals, The OWC 827W Ford Capri Mark III 3.0S Silver Bodie The genuine license plate is OWC 827V. Although the car still exists and is in the hands of a collector, it is in such a poor (and unoriginal) state that it is probably not financially viable to restore, though please note that the owner currently has no intention of selling the car.
Professionals, The UOO 303T Ford Capri Mark III 3.0S Strato Silver The genuine number for the 1979 car is COO 251T Bodie
Professionals, The VHK 11W Ford Capri Mark III 3.0S Solar Gold Doyle
Professionals, The VHK 12W Ford Capri Mark III 3.0S Silver Bodie it is rumoured that this car is a re-registration of OWC 827V but, again, this is denied by others. Alan Jarvis found the car in 1994 under a pile of old tyres with most of the roof paint missing due to a leaky battery being dumped on top of it!
Professionals, The PNO 580R Ford Capri Mk II 3.0 Ghia Automatic Bronze Bodie Last DVLA notification:01/11/1987
Professionals, The SOO 636R Ford Capri Mk II 3.0 S Silver Doyle Last DVLA notification: 1985
Professionals, The PNO 641T Ford Escort Mark II RS2000 Diamond White Doyle
Professionals, The OWC 822W Ford Granada Mark II 2.8i Ghia Automatic Cowley Last DVLA notification:01/12/1993 Genuine license plate was OWC 822V
Professionals, The UJN 696W Ford Granada Mark II 2.8i Ghia Automatic Midnight Blue Cowley This car was recently hunted down by fan Kevin Wilcock who tragically discovered it just three days AFTER it had been put through the crusher
Professionals, The YHJ 766T Ford Granada Mark II 2.8i Ghia Automatic Jupiter Red Cowley Last DVLA notification:01/12/1992 Two identical cars were used here in the 1978 and '79 episodes respectively. The true identity of the former remains a mystery, while FEV 24T - whose plate is briefly seen during one of many continuity errors in 'A Hiding to Nothing'
Professionals, The VHK 456S Ford Granada Mk II 2.0 L Sahara Beige Cowley Last DVLA notification: 01/08/1991
Professionals, The MOO 229R Rover 3500 SD1 Automatic Turmeric Yellow Cowley Last DVLA notification:01/12/1985
Professionals, The EMK 760J Rover P6 2000 Automatic Rio Brown Bodie and/or Doyle Last DVLA notification:01/03/199
Professionals, The POK 79R Triumph Dolomite White Bodie and/or Doyle Last DVLA notification: 01/12/1985
Professionals, The OOM 734R Triumph TR7 Pageant Blue Doyle Last DVLA notification:01/06/1986
Quincy, M.E. 899995 Corner's Station Wagon Dr. R. Quincy
Rags To Riches BKP-460 1961 Cadillac Sedan Black Nick Foley
Rags To Riches RDH-352 Limo Nick Foley
Rags To Riches EZP-374 Sedan Diane Foley
Raiders of the lost Ark Dodge truck it is not a Merc. it's a Dodge that's made to look like one! Best wishes, Cars of the Stars
Raiders of the lost Ark Mercedes staff car black
Ramona 531-AJX Sedan Beatrice Quimby
Ramona YEW-576 Station Wagon Bob & Dori Quimby
Randall and Hopkirk Deceased PYY 875Y Mercedes Tan
Randall and Hopkirk Deceased Mini 850 Red
Randall and Hopkirk Deceased RXD 996F Vauxhall 3.3 Victor White
Randall and Hopkirk Deceased RXD997F Vauxhall Ventora
Rebel Without a Cause 1949 Mercury
Remington Steele R-STEELE 1936 Auburn Remington Steele
Remington Steele R-STEELE Cadillac Sedan Black Remington Steele
Remington Steele IDR-0373 Mercedes Blue Remington Steele
Rendezvous V-12 Ferrari
Road House 1989 Mercedes 560SEC
Rock Candy YO MORTON Sedan Debbie Morton
Rockford Files IE49901 Pickup Truck Rocky Rockford
Rockford Files 853-CNG 1975-8 Pontiac Firebird Esprit also 853-OKG James Rockford
Romeo + Juliet. Noble Executioner Tybalt
Ronin 279 GFX 75 Audi S8 Black
Ronin 5758 NC 10 BMW 7 Series Black
Ronin 510 ANT 75 BMW M5 Black
Ronin 75 N 7208 Citroen Police, in Tunnel
Ronin 4231 NQ 06 Citroen Black
Ronin 527 BAS 92 Citroen Grey
Ronin 304 -- -- Citroen Van White Ricoh decal
Ronin 4871 FP 06 Fiat Panda Shot Up, Note Reg of Merc
Ronin 4647 KL 13 Jeep 4x4 Grey
Ronin 4871 FE 06 Mercedes-Benz 450SEL 6.9 red/brown
Ronin 465 HV 06 Pegeot 307? Black
Ronin 715 MCG 75 Pegeot 307? Black
Ronin 6453 VH 06 Renault 25 Black
Ronin 1681 NH 94 Transporter White
Ronin - Volvo 780? Estate Silver
Ronin 1647 JC 13 VW Golf Bronze
Ronin 897 APT 78 VW VAN Black
Roseanne 846-7T9C Pickup Truck Blue Dan Conner
Route 66  2V7-876 1960 Corvette White also 20-7876 Tod Stiles & Buzz Murdock
Rugrats IMOLD Sedan Grandpa Pickles
Rugrats PKLS Sedan Pickles Family Car
Saint, The ST 1 Volvo P1800 White Rodger Moore, Jensen built 71 DXC 1961-64,1964 - 77 GYL, later two more cars NUV 647E and NUV 648E, The Volvo Corporation supplied the producers of THE SAINT TV series with five P1800 models for use on their show. They included a 1962 model (Reg. # 71 DXC); a 1964 model (Reg. # 77 GYL); and two 1967 models (Reg. # NUV 647E used for Roger Moore's personal use); and Reg. # NUV 648E used for filming).
Saint, The Return of the ST 1 Jaguar XJS White Ian Ogilvy
Salvage 1 NNT-516 Rolls Royce Harry Broderick
Scandal Jaguar XK120 White
Scarecrow & Mrs. King 3N6-105 Sedan Lee Stetson
Seinfeld JVN-728 Saab Convertible Black Jerry Seinfeld
Seven-Ups, The 1973 Ventura
Shades of L.A. BLASTOFF Sedan Det. Michael Burton
She Spies  SHE SPIES Jeep  Convertible Yellow Cassie, Shane & Dee Dee
Shot In The Dark, A BMC Mini Black with wicker work side panels, built especially for the film by Radford
Silk Stalkings OPH-37A 1965 Mustang Convertible Red
Simon & Simon 1PPA335 Camaro Convertible Red A. J. Simon
Simon & Simon 397-PCE 1956 Chevy Convertible Blue A. J. Simon
Smallest Show on Earth, The Triumph 1800 Roadster
Smokie and the Bandit 1977 Pontiac TransAm 'Special Edition' 6.6-liter V8 and an automatic transmission
Smokie and the Bandit II BAN ONE 1980 Pontiac TransAm
Smokie and the Bandit II 03 999 Police
Smokie and the Bandit II 598 633 Red Police
Smokie and the Bandit II D80 335 Truck
Smokie and the Bandit III 1982 Pontiac TransAm
Smothers Brothers PGL-175 Sedan Dick Smothers
Snoop Sisters 473-FEM Sedan Ernesta/Gwen Snoop
Speed GMC Coach
Spenser: For Hire 207-TFH 1986 Ford Mustang Grey Robert Spenser
Spiceworld VTV172S Customised Bristol VRTSL3
Starsky and Hutch 537-ONN 1976 Ford Gran Torino 460-V8 Dave Starsky
Step By Step 129-815 GMC Pickup Truck Frank Lambert also 52-7P9
Stingray EGW-769 1965 Stingray Black or STINGRAY Ray (a.k.a. "Stingray")
Stormy Monday Jaguar XJ-S
Straw Dogs Triumph Stag
Street Justice 83-7201 Motorcycle Grady Jamieson
Summer Holiday WLB991 AEC Regent III RT Three RTs, RT2305 (KGU334), RT2366 (KGU395) and RT4326 (NLE990) were sold by London Transport to the Associated British Picture Corporation of Elstree in April 1962. These were used in 'Summer Holiday', all posing as RT1881 with a fake registration number (WLB991). The real RT1881 was registered LLU767.
Sweating Bullets NIR-548 Jeep Nick Slaughter
Sweeney, The Triumph 2500 Police car
Taxi 2639 TI Checker Sunshine Cab Co, on set in garage
Team Knight Rider BST-1 4x4 Vehicle (a.k.a. "Beast") Silver
Tenspeed &   Brown Shoe 367-IRQ Triumph TR-7 Green Lionel Whitney
Tequila & Bonneti BX2-100LB 1957 Cadillac Convertible  Red Nico Bonetti
Terminator II: Judgement Day Freightliner Wrecker
That 70s Show (USA) J5U-439   Corvette Convertible   Blue Red Forman
Thelma and Louise FRS 635 1966 Ford Thunderbird
They Came From Outer Space RWE-2KL 1957 Corvette Red Ablerama & Boximaxio
Thin Man ASTA Sedan Nick & Nora Charles
Thirtysomething TCR 3B5 Station Wagon Elliot Weston
Three for the Road 4R-562 Vogue Motorhome ("a.k.a. Zebec") Pete Karras
Thunder Road 1950 Ford
Thunderbirds FAB 1 Lady Penelope's Rolls Royce Pink Life size recreation of the model used in Thunderbirds at the Cars of the Stars Motor Museum, Keswick
THX 1138 Porshe 917
To Catch a Thief 1953 Sunbeam Alpine
To The Manor Born BMG-243 Rolls Royce Black Mrs. Forbes-Hamilton
Toy Story HAL9000 Look closely at the license plates used throughout the film. You'll see registrations such as "MOLY1K9" (named after a production team member's dog), "HAL9000" (self-explanatory), one that reveals Tia's birthday, one that shows the resolution of the rendered frames, and a number of others.
Toy Story MOLY1K9 (named after a production team member's dog)
Trials of Rosie O'Neill 2URH 134 Sedan Rosie O'Neill
True Blue T48611T Taxi Cab Yuri
Twins Cadillac Sedan de Ville
Two-Lane Blacktop 1955 Chevy a 210 (post) bodystyle, has a tilt front end, radiused rear fenders, and a 454-inch big-block Chevy with a tunnel-ram intake, and dual four-barrel carbs. Orignally used in American Graffiti
Two-Lane Blacktop 1970 Pontiac GTO 400 or 455 GTO all stock except for a set of hokey Keystone wheels
Ultimate Christmas Present, The Triumph TR7 convertible in the role of Santa's sleigh - with the wheels replaced by runners, and a rocket engine molded into the rear.
Vanishing Point Jaguar Series 1 XKE roadster
Vanishing Point (1970) OA5599 1970 Dodge Challenger R/T 440,4spd. White
Vanishing Point (1997) BEAST 1970 Dodge Challenger R/T Black
Vanishing Point (1997) KSZ620 1970 Dodge Challenger R/T 426 Hemi White
Vanishing Point (1997) Yellow
Vega$ TANNA 1957 Thunderbird Convertible. Red Dan Tanna
Vertigo Jaguar Mark VII green
VIP VIP-VAL Sports Convertible   Dark Blue Valerie Irons
Waltons, The T241-736 Aging Flat-Bed Truck John Walton (as seen on Thanksgiving  Reunion special in 1993)
Waltons, The T-98254 Dodge Pickup Truck Black with a 1934 license plate. John Walton
Waynes World F3B 259 1975-7 AMC Pacer F38 259?
Who's the Boss 780-A6N 1967 Chevy Van Rusty Blue Tony sold the van for $300. Tony Micelli
Who's the Boss MX8266 Jaguar    or 518-G8Q Angela Bower
Who's the Boss PH3925 1989 Jeep Cherokee Black Tony Micelli
Who's the Boss SAM'S CAR 1968 Oldsmobile Yellow Samantha Micelli
Wild Jack 2LK-G497 GMC 4x4 Van Jack McCall
Wings CELLO Jeep Black Helen Chappel
Wizard 376-WED 1986 Ford Bronco Red Simon McKay equipped with rear end smokescreen and super-glue spray
Wonder Years BEQ-326 Chevrolet Impala Sedan Jack Arnold
Wonder Years GPE-385 Chevrolet Impala Sedan Jack Arnold
Wonder Years XDH-975 Dodge Polara Station Wagon Blue-Grey Jack Arnold
Wonder Years QGF-846 Oldsmobile 4-door Blue Kevin Arnold
Wraith, The Triumph Spitfire 1500 Yellow The car is featured in several scenes, usually parked outside the drive-in restaurant.
X-FIles 3FAN 834 Green 4-door Sedan   Dana Scully  

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