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To sing countertenor means that a male has the ability to sing in the soprano range with clarity and poise. Every man has the capability to sing this high, but few can master their voice when they are adults. Some children can sing very high because their voices have not yet changed. One will learn the steps to discover their own countertenor voice and tame it to sound like an angel.
The first step is to scream, like a girl, if you will. When you scream, don't hold back. Scream till your throat hurts, you will know when you've hit the climax of your voice potential. The next step is a little tricky but with time and practice it can be accomplished. When you sing in your normal voice, either tenor, bass, or baritone, you are singing from your gut. When you sing countertenor you are using something called your head voice. Practice first by singing on an Ahh in your normal voice then switching to your soprano voice on the same note. If you can do this without difficulty then you have accomplished the second step. If you are having trouble, trying singing in your normal voice on Ahh then stop. Take a deep breath in and hold. Now push the air out of your lungs through your throat like you are whispering something. Do not make a sound when you are pushing the air out. Now try again and keep on doing that until you can get the voice to come out as a clear Ahh.
The first and second steps are the hardest of all in trying to sing countertenor. The third step is raising the pitch of your voice. All you need to do in sing in countertenor and just go higher. Try in still on Ahh; you can even open your mouth larger if that helps to bring out the sound and higher notes.
The last step is to substitute words in for the Ahh. Try singing something you know or a famous little song like The Hills Are Alive with the Sound of Music. If you can sing countertenor well and produce sound so immense and beautiful, then you will amaze people everywhere. It is important to take very good care of your voice and practice all the time. Breathing plays a very important role in singing also. Make sure you breathe properly and don't wear yourself out when you have been singing. The countertenor voice is truly a gift and is just delightful to hear, especially from a man. It will change your life dramatically if you can master the art of the countertenor.

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