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Greetings fellow H2G2 members. I can't remember how or when I stumbled over this wonderful site but it has kept me entertained and informed now for quite some time. I'm having an extremely unproductive day at work today, staring at sickly green vertical blinds and even more sickly (and pale) green walls - gotta love the government for trying to make the workplace as stimulating as possible. Someone should tell their decorators that making an office space stimulating doesn't mean painting it in a colour that encourages the urge to purge. Institution Green should be banned from all government colour swatches along with Institution Grey and Institution Beige.

I took this "lack of productivity" moment to at least accomplish something today and create my homepage so that fellow members can get to know me a little better. Sadly, the green seems to have sapped (pardon the pun) my creative (but not digestive) juices and I find myself rambling.
Let's cut to the chase: obviously I love Douglas Adams and all things sci-fi. I also love painting, good wine, music and interesting and controvertial conversation.
Hope to get to know a few of you soon and will re-visit this page when the green subsides. Green-lovers, please don't be offended - I love green as much as the next person but if anyone else out there has worked for the government and knows the particular shade I'm talking about - they will know how insanely distracting and anti-stimulating it can be. There's a good psychology thesis for somebody.

Talk to you soon.


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