The Sol War

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Chapter 1: In the Begining

It started early years of the 23rd century; no wait... that’s probably not true, when these things really start is always up for debate. Some people would say all this started when the Romans pulled out of northern Europe, but that would mean me recounting 3 millennia of history. Perhaps it is best to say that the best place to start this record is the early 23rd century. The was then that the countries of eastern Europe coalesced into what was to become know as the East Europe Alliance or EEA, the first of the super states.

Realising they were no longer the most powerful economic force the USA panicked. They threw together a treaty and joined with Canada and Mexico to form the North American Union.

The perceived threat from these two capitalist super states fuelled the already growing support for the return of communism in many areas. So the third super state was formed by Russia, China, many other west European countries and surprisingly, for some, India.
It was then that the unprecedented happened, the worlds first ‘Private Limited Country’ was formed. A single company bought Japan outright. Then other companies began buying up the Polynesian Islands. At the time most people thought that this was happening rather quickly. Those in the know, however, knew it was going precisely to schedule. The master plan was revealed when these companies/countries formed one conglomerate. They then had enough financial power to buy Australia and then New Zealand. And so the formed The Oceanic Group.
Africa and South America both formed continental allegiances but found the still lacked political and economic power and so came up with a simple and efficient solution. They joined forces and became the Southern Atlantic Federation.

Capter 2: New Empire

After all this upheaval, which lasted for almost a century, only a few countries remained small and independent. Most powerful among these was good old Britain. Britain realised that small was no longer beautiful. So, through a series of treaties, allegiances and the occasional war, the Second British Empire was formed. The Empire quickly realised it simply did not have enough space. It was this that inspired Monarch Elect King Charles VIII to announce at the 2317 opening of the Houses of Parliament, “Within 20 years we will have a colony on the moon”. The British space programme was pushed forward and so the first residents moved into New Glasgow 19 years, 364 Days, 23 hours and 59 minutes after that line was said. The ceremony having been postponed a month to arrange for the dramatic timing.

is success came at a price however. Britain’s space programme had been focused on one aim and so had a rather narrow scope. The other nation held off, developed better technologies and reached further into the solar system. Over the next century the Big 5 states spread themselves across the rest of the solar system. Britain, learning from earlier mistakes, didn’t let themselves get left behind. Every time a new colonisation expedition set out the Brits hitched a ride. So while the rest of the would was busy colonising the planets Britain was setting up on moons and in space stations.

Chapter 3: Resent History

So that brings us up to just about the 26th Century. The Big Five having at least one planet to themselves and the British Empire having a presence in some orbital form. Meanwhile living on earth became a luxury available only to the extremely rich and their servants.
That is when the real trouble started. You see rich people get some strange ideas sometimes. They think just because they own every thing they should control it. No one noticed that a lot of private security services were getting larger and better armed. No one noticed that some key members of the “Combined Earth Security Forces” suddenly lived in larger houses and had better life styles. No one even noticed when Earth imports of basic material tripled virtually over night.

People did however notice when squadrons of Battle Cruisers positioned themselves over each of the worlds 6 capital cities. Each government was given just one day to leave. They were not told the consequences of staying. President Espinoza and he SAF government found out… the hard way. Exactly 24 hours after the war ships’ arrival Rio de Janeiro was obliterate. The heat of the combined blasts from the entire squadrons main weapons melted the whole area. Rio is now thought to be the only mirror visible from space.

Those were the first shots of what was to become know as the Sol war. It should have been an extremely short war. The combined forces of 8 successful colonies to crush the rag tag army of just one planet. It should have been a walkover. But no, of course it wasn’t that simple. If you were to study the history of our species you will see it has never been that simple.

The problem is no one could agree what should be done. Some of the states decided that they should control Earth and chose this opportunity to conquer it. Others said Earth should have its independence and sent fleets to support the Earth forces. The rest wanted the Mother Planet to be shared just as it had always been. So factions formed, states became divided again, allegiances were made and broken. So the war raged on.

The whole situation is not helped by the distance between the planets treaties can be written, ratified, broken, rewritten and ratified once more in the time it take a fleet to reach a target.

So the whole system was in complete disarray. That was 400 years ago.

Chapter 4: Now

So you may now be wondering where I fit in. Well I am Lt. Arthur J Hobbs. As we begin the 4th Millennium CE I am on the crew of the experimental faster than light vessel the HMS Victory. Do you know what our first mission is? Maybe right across the solar system? Maybe even to Proxima Centauri? If you think that then you haven’t been listening. Our first mission is to Earth. We are to use our sub-light engines, to maintain secrecy, to reach a point in the shadow of Jupiter. We then open a subspace portal and jump through. We port out of subspace between the defence fleet and Earth, drop a bomb and then jump back to subspace. Port in, Drop Bomb, Port Out. It is that simple.

Why, you may ask, risk an experimental ship, the lives of her crew and our advantage of surprise on one bomb. Well this isn’t just a bomb it is The Bomb. What is so special about this bomb? This is the bomb that will end this war. This is the bomb that will leave no reason to fight. This is the bomb that will eradicate Earth entirely.

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