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I plead, for what it is worth, contemporary insanity, though I want to know which dwarf are you and can set my laser printer to stun?

Maybe I just meander to a different drummer, the Earth is full, go home, they'll be waiting for you. We are not adults, we are just children that owe money, there are just too many freaks and not enough circuses. Send in the clones! I mean, I may look s**t to you, but this is style.

So, don’t bother me please, I’m living happily ever after. I’m just trying to make sense of it all. Well not all of it, just the tasty bits.

It’s the stress that keeps me sane, I wake up screaming to find that I haven’t fallen asleep yet...sorry what was I saying...I seem to have left train of thought in lost luggage. Good job I kept my receipt.

Always keep your receipts.

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