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I have always dreamed of turning my flat into a Tardis. Imagine all the rooms I could have and the places I could travel to here and throughout the multi-dimensional universe.

I would have a sick bay, anti-matter transporters, restaurant, bar, party rooms, theatre, cinema, holosuites, aromatherapy and massage rooms, hydrotherapy rooms, swimming pools, saunas, hairdressers, beauty parlour, The Jedi Hall of Mirrors, library, music room as well as the usual rooms found in a flat or house.

I would have holographic Star Trek medics in the sick bay as well as being fitted with 24th century medical equipment. In this sick bay there would be Dr Who's zero room another place for healing.

Replicators would be everywhere in the flat to produce food, clothing, equipment and anything you can think of in running a household including heat, energy and power supplies.

With the Tardis I will be able to travel through out the various types of universes depicted in sci-fi, Dr Who, Star Trek, Star Wars and Stargate. I definitely will impress the Doctor, the first Terrain to fly a Tardis and one who has made their own. We could swap stories of adventures and travel together in our Tardis to each other's universes.

Editors Note: It has recently been rumoured that the Timelords on Galifrey are considering selling their old Tardises on eBay. Look out for them.

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