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The <POPUPCONVERSATIONS> tag creates a link to the Conversations gadget, which enables Researchers to keep track of their h2g2 Conversations.

This tag does not form part of Approved GuideML.

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This puts a link under ...text... which will produce the pop-up Conversations gadget when clicked (please note that ...text... can only contain text; any tags will be ignored). This displays the contents of the 'More Conversations' page in a more compact form, in a popup which refreshes every two minutes. If you've told it where you've read up to, either by setting the UPTO attribute or by clicking on the '>>' or 'Mark all read' links, it will keep track of that, and any updated Conversations will be highlighted in the window.

Each Conversation has three links, which work in exactly the same way as those on Personal Spaces:

  • The Subject links to the start of the Conversation.

  • The Posted date links to your last Posting in that Conversation.

  • The Last Reply date links to the last Posting of that Conversation.

Each of these links pops up in a different window (usually the same window, but if you use the TARGET="_blank" attribute it will pop up in new windows each time).

The ^^ symbol next to each Posting is effectively an 'I've read up to here' button to mark all later Postings as read. The >> link marks only the relevant Posting as read. In addition, there's a 'Mark all read' link at the top, which marks all the recent Postings as read. At the bottom of the window are 'Older' and 'Newer' links, in case you haven't read your Conversations for a while, and it remembers the 'last read' date as you page back through the list.

The following attributes can be included:

  • If the USERID attribute is present, then the Conversations will be shown for Researcher number ...userid..., otherwise the Conversations will be shown for the Researcher viewing the page (if they are logged in). If the viewer is not logged in and the USERID attribute is omitted, then the whole tag (including the ...text... part) will be ignored.

  • If the UPTO attribute is present, then any Conversations that have been updated after the time defined in the ...yyyymmddhhmmss... attribute (yyyy = year, mm = month, dd = day, hh = hours, mm = minutes, ss = seconds) will be highlighted.

  • If the POPTARGET="_blank" attribute is present, then every time you click on the link produced by the <POPUPCONVERSATIONS> tag, it will open a new window. If it is omitted, then the link will only ever open one window.

  • If the TARGET="_blank" attribute is present, then every time you click on a Conversation link within the popup Conversartions window, it will open a new window. If it is omitted, then the first time you click on a link it will open up a new window, but further clicks will simply refresh the contents of that window (so you can replicate the effect of browser frames, but with two separate windows).

  • If the WIDTH attribute is present, then the popup will open to a width of ...width... pixels. If it is omitted, a default width of 170 pixels is used.

  • If the HEIGHT attribute is present, then the popup will open to a height of ...height... pixels. If it is omitted, a default height of 400 pixels is used.

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You can click here to see your Conversations.

<P>You can <POPUPCONVERSATIONS>click here</POPUPCONVERSATIONS> to see your Conversations.</P>

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