A Stargate Quiz - Season 1 Solution

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Season 1

How well do you know the tv series Stargate? Here are the answers to the Season 1 questions

  1. Q What was Jack doing when Major Samuels came looking for him?

    A Studying the stars.


  2. Q What is the name of the doll Samantha Carter played with as a child?

    A Major Matt Mason.


  3. Q The Nox are a non violent people. How do they trick their enemies?

    A They make themselves and their cities invisible.


  4. Q What is the purpose of Thor's Hammer?

    A It sends anyone with a sybiote to an underground maze inhabited by a Unas.


  5. Q What is the name of Catherine Langford's fiancee and how does it tie into Stargate Atlantis?

    A Ernest Littlefield, Played by Paul McGillion who plays Dr
    Carson Beckett in Atlantis.


  6. Q Daniel calls Hathor the Egyptian goddess of fertility, inebriety and music. What does Jack call it?

    A Sex, Drugs and Rock 'n' Roll.


  7. Q When Daniel finds himself in an alternative universe being attacked by Apophis what is different about Sam Carter?

    A She has long hair, she is a civilian and she's engaged to Jack.


  8. Q In the same alternative universe what has happened to Daniel?

    A He is dead after the Goa'uld wiped out Egypt.


  9. Q What does 3 blasts of a Zat'nik'atel do?

    A Disintegrates.


  10. Q Who did General Hammond replace as head of the SGC?

    A General West.


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