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A page from before the official UnderGuide - kept for reference for the time being.

As Ben said when she started the volunteer pages there is a great deal that still needs to be discussed, this is only a draft [Version 27.02.03]. The basics are drawn from the official scouts and sub-ed volunteer pages. Where there is an issue that needs to be discussed it is shown in red. Where something is a comment on, rather than part of the draft it is in green. I think Ben's suggestion of keeping discussions on issues in the general Underguide discussion threads and comments on typos, wording, grammar etc here was a good one.

What do the Miners do? | Why be a Miner? | Miners' Code of Conduct | Volunteer to be an Miner.

For details of the official volunteer schemes, (Miners are not official volunteers),check out the Official Volunteers page.

Welcome to the Mine Shaft, home of the Underguide Miners. If you want to contact them leave a message here (at the bottom of the page), there'll be one up for a bit of air and sunlight shortly.

What are the Miners?

The Miners search for gems of guide entries for the Underguide, mainly in the dim and dangerous tunnels of the APR. As they mine they tend the tunnels, inspecting pitprops, nurturing motherlodes and tidying away any fallen debris. When they find a gem they like, they give it a bit of cut and polish, if it's needed, before sending it on its way to sparkle on the Underguide shelves. And the Underguide is? That's next...

What is the Underguide?

The Underguide [link somewhere?] is an Unofficial part of h2g2. It gives great entries which do not conform to the Edited Guidelines the recognition, kudos and day in the sun that they richly deserve. It also makes it easier for people browsing the site to find good quality entries, be they personal experiences, poetry, musings, points of view, or even - gasp - the odd joke1.

It is the Yang to the Edited Guide's Yin, or vice versa, or maybe the other way round again. It aims to supplement the good nutrition of the Edited Guide, in the same way that chocolate and multi-vitamin tablets supplement a healthy and well-balanced diet2. For more information on the Underguide see here. [Link somewhere or other! 3]

A Bit More about the Miners

Miners do NOT belong to one of h2g2's many official volunteer schemes but their working practices are modelled on those of the Edited Guide's Scouts and Subs4. (Imitation is the simplest form of theft.)

Miners help with all aspects of running the Underguide. They search for potential entries, subedit them, and help with the admin, or any combination of these.

Many Miners are also active within the official volunteer schemes here on h2g2, and on other DNA sites.

The Miners work to improve h2g2 both for contributers and for readers, so please be kind to them. If you want to show your appreciation and make them really happy you can leave messages of praise or thanks below, or in an individual Miner's Personal Space - use the drop-down menu (in alphabetical order) below to find them.

Miners and Gem Polishers BelowA girl called BenDeidzoebfriendlywithteethGTBacchusJodanMystrunnerNoggin the NogSir MortSpiffspookSproutWazungu

How to Find Out Even More About the Miners

We have quite a few pages that explain more about the Miners - take your pick and dig around the following, or use the links at the top of the page.

1Preferably the very odd joke.2Whaddya mean - chocolate isn't a health-food? It is plumb full of Vitamin E!3 I did say this is a work in progress, ok?4because they are widely understood and work well. If it ain't broke, don't fix it.

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