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The <code> tags should be used to surround quotes from computer code (such as segments from programs).

Syntax and Usage

This is an HTML tag, so it can be upper or lower case, but we recommend lower case.

<code> code...</code>

Simply put <code> and </code> tags round the computer code you want to be displayed as code.

Note that if your computer code contains special GuideML characters, like < and > signs or the & character, then you need to 'escape' them to prevent them from being interpreted as GuideML tags. You can do this by using &lt; instead of <, &gt; instead of > and &amp; instead of &. You can learn more in our entry on Special Character Codes.

Known Issues



Type IF a<b THEN END at the prompt.

<p>Type <code>IF a&lt;b THEN END</code> at the prompt.</p>

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