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Humanity's required reading

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There are four books I believe all of humanity should read. They are:
1. The book of John, not only for its message and religious content, but it has the most beautiful language
2. A Brief History of Time, by Stephen Hawking. A classic, intentsly interesting, and a good review of modern physics
3. 100 Years of Solitude, by Gabriela Garcia Marquez. A beautiful book and thoroughly engrossing, once you pick it up, it's hard to set down.
4. Jitterbug Perfume, by Tom Robbins. Funny, the language is great, and has a lot to say about humanity and love.

In addition, there are certain books that must be read by certain members of the human race:
1. For biologists, Frankenstein or The Island of Dr. Moreau, beware the consequences of messing w/ nature!
2. For women: The Woman in Love by Simone de Beauvoir, it'll change your life and how you think about heterosexual relationships.
3. For physicists, anything that involves modern physics, including anything by John Gribbin, Hawking, or The Tao of Physics
4. Older children: The Lord of the Rings, a lot can be learned from this book, and plus, it's fun!
5. Voters: Farenheit 451, or 1984, beware of politicians who offer protection in exchange for liberty.
6. Science Fiction/Fantasy fans: His Dark Materials trilogy, by Philip Pullman, So good!

Alright, that's all I have for now, but one can certainly add to my list! (Please do, I'm interested in hearing what other people say is required reading, plus, I need things to read over the summer!)

Humanity's required reading

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Annie the Great

May not be 'required' reading but if you want a trilogy that will occupy you all summer/winter, I reccomend you should try and find Tad Williams' books in the 'Otherland' trilogy. The books are about a lot of things - it makes them very hard to describe - the best I can do is to say that they are some of the best-written science fiction that I have ever read and are basically about what could happen in our future, if we aren't careful. Fascinating and warning as well of may happen.
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Humanity's required reading

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