"Doom Generation" - A Gregg Araki film

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Doom Generation : A Gregg Araki Film

Director and Influences

Gregg Araki. The 80's. American culture. Poorly compared to Oliver Stone.


Amy Blue, Jordan White, Xavier Red. (Rose McGowan, James Duval, Jonathon Schaech) : full names revealed at the end credits as "true" americans (red, white and blue, geddit?)

They come together to find real meaning in life - at the beginning of the film they are fractured souls, at the end they are whole.


Anarchic road trip through violent&religous America.

Mistaken identity and right wing rhetoric : if someone doesn't want them sexually, they want them dogmatically, or otherwise dead. When they are about to reach Nirvana - they are struck down by the forces of evil (who think they are good. Ironically).


Motel Rooms and Abandoned Warehouse. The bleak side of L.A - no prominence : all is cheap and bland and boring. Mixed in with an ironic slogan world - "Welcome to Hell" "Shoplifters will be executed" "The rapture is coming" etc

Underlying 666 joke - the prices, addresses etc

Cinematographer - Jim Fealy : propels the colour like Kubrick did in "A Clockwork Orange". Like a lucid dream.


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