"The Living End" - A Gregg Araki film

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Made in 1993

Araki's first feature length film - followed on by Doom Generation.

Characters - Luke, Jon, Doris.

Gay cinema. AIDS. Roadtrip. Sex. Violence. Anarchic. Constant PHONE ringing.

Funny&shocking. Postmodern - old themes (James Dean. Andy Warhol. Old cinema (psycho))

Basic storyline.

Luke - anarchic. 90's James Dean.
Jon - Reserved but self absorbed. Just found out he has caught HIV.
Doris - Faghag. Overbearing *mother* figure. More concerned about Jon than her own relationship.

Luke meets Jon. They fall for each other. Luke takes Jon out of his life..."live fast, die young. leave a pretty corpse" Angst/anguish leads to a violent end.

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