How to achieve one moment of happiness in your Country?

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Perhaps all of the fellow researchers know the answer. In every country, on every place on the Earth, everybody has a place, where the universe seems to stop for a moment. I would like to invite You to share these experineces with everybody. How to decribe it? It is the place where you would go when the news are confirmed: The World is gonna end. It is the place where you can escape from all of Your troubles in everyday liff. It is the place where you can relax, and perhaps just gaze at the stars. It does not have to be a secret place, which only you know where to find, it can be anywhere, even at a subway station in New York (okay, the gazing of the stars is not very possible option there, but it is an option at least..). The idea is to find out where should your fellow researchers go, when the world ends, and where should he or she have to stand out waving his or her towel, just waiting for a quick pickup.

Happiness at Budapest

If you ever come to my country, the one city you definately have to visit is Budapest, the Captial of Hungary. In this very city, you can visit the most interesting place (on my part at least...), the Buda Castle. I live at the bottom of the castle, and whenever I have any trouble, or whenever I just want to be alone, or whenever I want to achieve that precious one moment of happiness, I go up to the Castle. Of course the place is very crowded by daytime, so You most go there at night, after 11PM. There are lots of places where you can be alone there. I know that for a foreigner it is most possible that the place will be a bit frightening by night, but there is nothing to worry about, at least I survived it a million times, but be careful when going there... If you go up to the castle at the side of The Tunnel (you can find the road leading up at the left side of The Tunnel), you will arrive after a couple of moments to a place which is much like a little grassy cliff. Just take your shoes off (at summer of course), and walk onto the side of this little grassy cliff. Just lay down there, get your favorite pipe tobacco out of your pocket, fill your pipe, light it, and gaze at the stars. You won`t forget that moment, I promise.
The directions to this place were not very detailed I know, so if you really want to visit, feel free to ask.
And the conclusions? If you are in Hungary,Budapest when the world ends, just come to this place with your towel, and it is most likely that you will be picked up.
And what is your place where the fellow Researchers can go with their towels when the time comes?

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