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    The shape of a question mark with a few of the world's different gods shown withinMake an official Atheist's Day Holiday, Proposed in March
    Write the best Atheist paper for h2g2 that ever there was
    Eventually phase out Catholic influence
    Eventually create a University entry.
    Have a holiday for every day of the year

My Plan

I hope to have three or four members soon and petition against Catholicism mainly. I think A teddy bear dressed as a priestthat Atheist day should be sometime in March or February, though it may end up on Christmas day, named as Ex-mas, as suggested by Æsahættr. If I ever more than one and a half members, Andrew doesn't really count, we'll vote. By the way, by joining, you recieve smiley - 2cents and a smiley - handbag And a holiday named after you, until I use them all


Atheist Day

42 Day (On Feb 11, the 42nd day of the year)

Ex-Mas, a celebration of the antichrist, or to put it more lightly, Atheos' birthday

International We Love Hate Day (May 12)

Duvet Day- Held every April 1st and means that people must stay in bed so they can't be April Fooled!

August 11, Do nothing day

National Non-Holiday Day - august 4th

The Day After New Year's Day - Feb. 2

That's it so far.


Although I have two worker bees so far, excluding myself, and they're only really one a half of a person, I am going to make a list of topics soon anyway. To become a member, simply start a conversation below.

7 1/2 Members WHOOPDY DOO!Jodan, smiley - blacksheepAndrew (1/2)ÆsahættrOberon2001Art VandalayMackersQuilleR. Daniel Olivaw

-smiley - blacksheep

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