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Every so often, there comes along a televison series that becomes a prime target for family values and right wing groups. A show that they deem imoral, evil, destructive to our society, and most of the time, blasphemous. South park not only carries these lables, but proudly displays them for all to see.
The brainchild of Tray Parker, and Matt Stone, the product of American public schools, and the conception of a style of animation that represents paper dools, the series follows the antics of four kids from South Park, Colorado. What's so exciting about that? Besides the fat kid (Cartman) who was aducted and probed by alieans, and the little poor kid (Kenny) who dies in every episode, not much.
The show's main draws are it's constant use of foul language, it's religous themse (Including a public access advice show hosted by Jesus Christ.). and it's off the wall plots, which include an atack by a godzilla-like Barbra Strizand, an evil world domenation plot by a planatarium operator, and a teacher's obsessive plot to assassanate Kathie Lee Gifferd.
The show is not without it's meaningful plots, however. Such things as the importance of not reling on TV as a babysitter, learning to accpet a homosexual housepet, and the true meaning of christmas (which involes a singing and dancing piece of human waste)
Howver, the popularity that exploded aroudn the series after it's release was has sense died down, in an attempt to draw more attention, the show has gone overboard attempting to offend and be over the top. Many will tell you that the show has sense moved into it's 12th minute of fame.

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