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I am a nineteen year old gal from the odd depths of Bristol in the South-West of England. I lived there my whole life, flitting from white trash council house to white trash council house until recently, when I met someone who offered me a place to stay in...of all places...Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. I will be here until June 2004, and after that, my life once more becomes a mystery.

My only way to use the time in which I will be breathing, is to write. Writing is...not my passion, but my necessity. It is how I want to live. Right now it's still not making me money, but that's soon to change if I have it my way. I'm currently working on my first book, whilst writing the odd scrap of poetry - OK, I lie, I do have a manuscript, but poetry is the least generator of money out of all the writing trades, so the MS collects dust on the bookshelf by the desk at which I sit. I am also idling my way through writing an erotic/artsy graphic novel script, but I haven't an artist to work with right now, so that's proving reasonably difficult.

Things I believe I am known for - my blunt attitude to those I do not like, my love for trash television, my voracious appetite for literature, art and film, my dysfunctions, my "talent" (apparently - I only put this in because I know someone who would protest if I didn't), my reclusive behaviour, my love of Diet Coke and noodles.

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