An Introduction to Scrying

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Scrying1 is a form of divination used commonly by
Witches and other believers in and practitioners of magical arts. They hold the belief that it is possible to foresee the future and answer questions using such means.

Scrying involves using a clear, reflective surface which is looked into in the hope of helpful images appearing.

Tools and Methods of Scrying

Crystal balls are among the best known tools for scrying. The crystal should be flawless with no scratches or bubbles in the surface and placed on a black background either on a table in front of you or in your hands. A velvet cloth would be ideal. The black cloth is to prevent you being distracted by outside objects.

It is preferable to be in a darkened room with just a small candle to see by. You may also wish to burn a pleasant-smelling incense to help your concentration. Trying to keep your mind blank, now gaze into the crystal ball keeping your eyes
softly focused and blinking when you feel the need. Trying to fight the urge to blink will bring you nothing but eye strain! After a while it may seem as though the ball is filling with a white mist or smoke. Go with this. Symbols and images may soon begin to appear though you may not understand them immediately. This is because what you are seeing is the language of your subconscious, similar to that experienced in dreams; some interpretation is required. It is traditional practice to 'charge' your ball once a month by leaving it in the light of the full moon, in the belief that this gives it natural energy. You should keep it wrapped at all other times when not in use.

Black Gazing Mirrors

Used in the same way as you would a crystal ball, the black mirror is made by the scryer themselves. Take a piece of glass with no imperfections. Coat one side several times with
a good black enamel paint, causing the glass to become opaque. Place the glass in a frame, the shape of which is unimportant. You may then decorate your mirror to your own tastes. Runes, astrological symbols and the names of deities are common decorations.


If you don't have a nice quiet natural pool nearby to scry at in the moonlight never fear! You can scry just as well at home with a bowl or even a glass of preferably natural water ie mineral or spring-water. The images come from your own mind not the object used to focus them in. The same gazing technique
can be used as with crystals and mirrors.

Good luck!
1Derived from 'descry' and pronounced to rhyme with crying.

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