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Arts Students are different from other tertiary students. You can be easily fooled by their appearance,
which on the whole is very haphazard and uncoordinated, that they are very much like any other students. They
aren't. There is always something vaguely eccentric - if not disturbing - about them, when always defies explanation.

You often walk away after meeting one and wondering, "Did I just have that conversation?"

Art students have a capacity to be very self-involved, and they tend to place a lot of importance in themselves. They do
this so they feel that they are actually worth something, because they defy the mindset of importance society places in financial gain rather
than spiritual growth or happiness. This does not mean art students dislike monetary gain. They like it. A lot.

Many art students live off payments from their government. Students in Australia however, are very very lucky if they get paid
anything by the government. If they aren't lucky, they've been fibbing in their forms.

Art students create stuff. They don't create art - that's a rule. Those who have never attended an art class may find this
somewhat confusing. Here's how the reasoning goes.

Art students do not go to art school to create art. They go there to learn about it. So anything they create there is therefor - not art.
Since it isn't art, it can be identified as 'exercises' and 'stuff'.

Some art students create stuff people want to actually buy. People notice them, and this is good. If
the people that notice them are particularly well endowed with money, this is even better.

Rich people and art go together like Spock and Kirk, cats and fresh-cut uncooked steak. Rich people make art very much
possible, and artists, as well as art students, love rich people to bits.

The rich people, totally lacking in any culture or talent themselves, feel
a need to dwell in the creativity of others (with some exceptions of course). Art students help fulfill this need. Although rich people are - by
their description - rich, they like saving spondooli just like anyone else. So when out on the hunt for a nice peice to hang in their lobby of their
new condo, they like to seek out art students. Art students aren't known to well, so they can't charge too much for their work.
Also, art students' generally are at the cutting edge of art. Generally. If they've been doing their homework.

Consequently, the rich people pay Art Students to make large and
elaborate sculptures or paintings, that don't make sense and only take up space. This *is* called 'art'.

Other Art Students may go on to make things that other people like. These people aren't rich, and they aren't particularly bright. The Art Student
may paint a pretty picture of a meadow, with lovely red and pink flowers. McDonalds, (the franchise in South Perth not the
farmer) might want to buy it. They do. Every middle aged house wife that sits, stuffing her face with hamburgers, will think,
"Hmm, I wonder if my husband would like one of those paintings?"

Some art students never get anywhere with art. But they slave over their paintings and sculptures with great care and dedication.
More often than not they are poor. Nobody knows or cares about them, and nobody will until they're dead, and the supply of their
magnificent paintings and sculptures stops.

The lifestyle of an Art Student is a seemingly decadent affair. Much romance is built up around it, mostly by hard-working bored
s**tless art students themselves to make the rest of the world think they've got it good.

Such activities known to take place at parties in art student circles are drinking lots of alcohol and getting drunk, bitching about the
last lecturer they had before the party that they're getting drunk at, debating the meaning of a painting they all hated but
had to look at for an exam, and then finally, getting so drunk that they feel some marijuana is in order, and they consequently,
perhaps after some lecherous activities (more often there's not), falling asleep.

Sometimes spontaneous artistic creation happens, but most of the time the students are too drunk to know or care.

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